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    Default Re: I want a Turbo Man for Christmas!!!!!!!!!

    I watched it for the ten millionth time, it never grows old.

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    Quote Originally Posted by a-dev View Post
    The very one I own.

    As for Jingle All The Way, I really need to watch that some day, never seen it.
    I chose the Mk IV as it comes close to Turbo Man in terms of appearance (Mk III too).

    You need to see it!!!! It's over the top and HILARIOUS!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.E View Post
    I remember seeing that thing (amongst many others) sitting on the shelf collecting dust.

    Put dat cookie down!

    Quote Originally Posted by EXOTICLEX View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by EXOTICLEX View Post

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    Hottoyskyle: bang on the buck dude! I have the exact Xmas movie list also! Lol!
    This movie was definitely underrated. “ no body likes u booster” proceeds to get jumped ����
    I might take a crack at this figure but more hot toys style, will post sum pics on here so you guys can chime in with thoughts on how it’s going, Going to go watch the movie again !! It’s turbo time!! Oh the possibility!!! Inbetween getting two other customs finished.
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