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    Default Voldemort Real Masters figure review

    Tonight I'm checking out the new Voldemort from Star Ace. "But wait" you say, "didn't Star Ace already do a Voldemort?". Yes, they did, but that was in their sixth scale Harry Potter line. They've switched to the 1/8 scale series, called Real Masters, and this Voldemort is part of the new breed. You can find my review here:

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    Great review. I'm interested in this line but I'm not convinced that they're going to make many as many characters as they did for their 1/6 line. Even in 1/6 there are some obvious characters they've skipped over and the quality has seemed to have taken a nosedive. 1/8 does not seem to be a popular scale for most collectors.

    Also, kind of crazy the quality sculpt and paint apps that Mezco can get in a smaller scale while Star Ace seems to be struggling to match that quality with larger scale characters.

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    They’ve done well with their Voldermort figures.

    That close teeth mouth looks awful though,

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    Yea, but it's entirely a paint issue on those teeth.
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