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    Default Re: Threezero Tyrion Lannister (season 7)

    Quote Originally Posted by Stanlore View Post
    Male figures i'm pretty confident with Threezero.

    Gave it some extra thought, at the end went with the regular version. The extra pieces are nice, but not US$40 nice. If it came with a nice table (or even half a table) for me to put them on, that might be different.

    Great point. That would be great for his wine decanter as well. A fancy chair and a table would be perfect for Tyrion. A bunch of folks picked up the HT Mandarin chair for the first version of Tyrion. I may look around to see if I can find one of those for this guy. We're not asking for the huge carved table from Dragonstone, but a cool little side table would be great for this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steventhomas98 View Post
    White coat Daenerys !!!
    I loved that outfit too. But I doubt it'll ever get produced since it was essentially in just a couple scenes.

    Did you get the Funko Pop of Dany's white coat?

    It's no 1:6 figure but I got that as a consolation prize.

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