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    Default Penny Robinson Lost in Space review

    Let's start off the week with a sixth scale figure from a classic sci-fi television show - Penny Robinson from the third season of Lost in Space! This could have been killer, but they made some odd choices, and missed the mark with the final release. You can find my review here:


    or you can find it with the rest of the reviews at the usual:


    Thanks for reading!


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    You would have thought creating those blocky costumes would have been a lot easier than what was delivered. Strange.

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    I feel like I was just transported back 10 years ago or more to the days of the Lost in Space figure from... that other company. So weird.

    But I guess if you have the others from back then, this figure will at least match the level of craftsmanship from that era.

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    I never watched the show as a kid and am not overly familiar with the characters, so i had no preconceptions about this figure. Looking at the box, she looks like a teenage girl, the figure itself, comes across as a lot younger.

    Debbie, bizarrely, looks too convincing.

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