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    Default Anyone dealt with online store Maximabuy?

    I'm considering ordering an Enterbay Michael Jordan figure from Maximabuy but have some reservations. Has anyone ever bought anything from their site before? The site doesn't seem to answer any e-mails about their product and I want to ensure the item arrives safely, it's authentic, etc. Any info would be appreciated, thanks.

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    Looks like an incredibly shady site.

    No security on the site either, doesn't go into HTTPS when you enter the cart page.

    No social media to let you know they're active.


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    Thanks for the info. They also sell on eBay. If I go there it will cost a bit more but at least I'll be covered through the buyer protection.

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    If someone won't answer your emails to potentially get a sale, they're very unlikely to answer them if something goes wrong. And always remember, a bargain is only a bargain if you actually get what you paid for...

    Personally I wouldn't risk it.
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    Any site that doesn't have a phone number, proper email address and some sort of address and only has a contact us form i stay right away from.

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