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    Default Re: Forum under attack

    You need to be using an ad-blocker, not just to remove ads, but for your own security.

    If you use Chrome, click here And click the big green button

    If you use Firefox, click here and click the blue Add to Firefox button.

    And you'll never see pop-ups again.

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    I don't get any pop ups. In addition to my anti virus, I have Trusteer Rapport installed which is protection for accounting/banking.

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    Yeah adblock isnt getting everything and its a nightmare on mobile as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asta View Post
    uBlock doesn't stop the Quantcast pop up.
    It does for me.

    Perhaps it's something installed in your browser, or your system itself? Does it only pop-up when you visit this site?

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    you guys understand Dave no relies heavily on these ads to keep the site afloat.

    what you are doing be it adblock or something else just means the view count drops as well as site income.

    this is not a healthy for the site.

    if you truly enjoy this website, please embrace in the ads. even if you don't read them or has zero interest, just let it pop up and sit there for a while.

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