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    Default Re: COOMODEL X OUZHIXIANG 1/6 MONSTER FILE SERIES - MUMMY -Standard Ver & Deluxe Ver

    By being less 'stylised', this one is much more versatile than the other figures in this series.

    So many options for use, from facing off against Roman soldiers, to Victorian or early twentieth century archaeologists, to Indiana Jones or Lara Croft, or right up to modern times.

    Love the mummies coming up out of the ground.

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    That's a very cool piece. Also reminds me of Iron Maiden's Eddie from Powerslave. Out of the figs they've done so far, I have to say I'm very drawn to this...
    "I could destroy you... {snaps fingers"}... yust like that!"

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    Does big badrtoy store ors have this up yet

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