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    Default TBLeague 1/6 Scale Silver Huntress (SHCC Exclusive)Deluxe Collector Figure

    2017年10月5-7日 上海世博展览馆
    SHCC2017 会场现场发售

    Exclusive in SHCC 2017

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

    TBLeague 1/6 Scale Silver Huntress (SHCC Exclusive)Deluxe Collector Figure

    Item No: PL2017-105

    Part List

    1) 1x right boots with armor
    2) 1x left boots with armor
    3) 1x armor to protect right arm
    4) 1x armor to protect left arm
    5) 1x waist armor
    6) 1x back armor
    7) 1x cloak
    8) 1x right hand to hold sword
    9) 1x left hand to hold axe
    10) 1x wrist armor
    11) 1x arm armor
    12) 1x shoulder armor
    13) 1x neckerchief
    14) 1x neck rope
    15) 1x neck strap
    16) 1x head sculpt
    17) 1x helmet
    18) 1x sword
    19) 1x axe
    20) 1pair x raglan sleeve
    21) 1x left fist
    22) 1x left hand to be nature
    23) 1x right hand to hold knife
    24) 1x right hand to hold sword
    25) 1x left hand showing two fingers
    26) 1x base
    27) 1x cappa
    28) 1x female seamless body in medium breast size
    29) 1x chest guard
    30) 1x protective bottom

    32) Product Height: 29.5cm
    33) Product Scale: 1:6
    Package: 1figure in itself black inner box
    1pcs into 1 Carton box
    NW: 3.44KG
    GW: 4.62KG
    Inner Box Size: L23cm X W36cm X H11cm
    CTN Size: L42.8cm X W39.5cm X H38cm

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    Bare skinned and snow, I expected to see some nipples.
    The only thing you and I have in common, Mr. Creedy, is we're both about to die.

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    Super Freak
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    Oct 2008
    17 (100%)
    looks good.

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    Super Freak
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    Sep 2005
    Death Star II
    10 (100%)
    I love the helmet on this, just not as much with the rest of the figure.

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    i like it...

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    Just a little freaky
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    Dec 2009
    Nice figure. I'll be at Shanghai comic con but it's not a figure I need.

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    if this is made available outside of the SHCC, I might just buy it. I would have to display it without the helmet, though.

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