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    Default Darkcrown Toys presents Darkblood Chapter 4: Blood Mage

    "Your source of life is forever my curse!"
    Darkcrown Toys presents Darkblood Chapter 4: Blood Mage 1/6 scale original design collectible DARK action figure.


    - Original vampire head sculpt and body parts
    - 6 Interchangeable hands
    (1 pair of sleeper hands, 1 pair of weapon - holding hands, 1 pair of mage hands)
    - Fully articulated bat figure
    - Gigantic Coffin measuring over 14 inches tall

    - Partial face mask (for scar concealment)
    - Black Mage's Rope
    - Blood Mage's Armor
    - Black Pants
    - Belt of “Blood lust”
    - Cape
    - Blood Mage's boots

    DARKBLOOD Artifacts:
    - Staff of “Bloodstone”
    - Dagger of “Taboo”
    - “Bloodstone” necklace
    - “Darkblood ruins” collar
    - “Darkblood ruins” Bracelet
    - “Darkblood ruins” Gauntlet
    - “Darkblood” Relic : Eye of Hibernation
    - “Darkblood” Relic : Devil's Cube
    - “Darkblood” Relic : Seal of Source

    WORDS from the designer: Kevin LI

    Dear all DARKBLOODERS!

    Introducing the Forth installment of my DARKBLOOD series : "Blood Mage"... before the release of official photos in less than 24hrs, please allow me to share with you some of my design concepts

    Taken on the topic of “Vampire”, it has been quite a challenge to break away from the traditional perceptions on how a Vamp should be, especially in my storyline, the “Blood Mage” is one of the very few first vampires, elders from the old world. I decided to give up the conventional “cool” look, striped away the glamour, and bring about something as primal as blood lust itself, something that embodied thousands of years of Black Magic and wisdom, one that could stand equal and as a rival to the the Big G (“the Creator”).

    To accessorize Blood Mage, I have hand sculpted a collection of DARK artifacts, including a skull cup with a tint of blood in it, a bloodstone, mage staff and dagger... the message embodied in these items will be explained in the booklet that comes with Blood Mage. Also, a fully articulated BAT to add in a bit of fun element.

    For the diorama, instead of a light up base, I opted for the iconic coffin to go with Blood Mage, as I believe no vampire can go without his / her unholy sanctuary... for this massive coffin, me and my production team has spent tremendous time in sculpting the detailed ruins and overall design, we hope this to scale coffin would have an enormous presence among your collection, a symbol of the love for darkness.

    Taken this opportunity, I would like to personally thank you all again for the support and love, even I haven't been able to be in touch for awhile due to change of factory and redoing the entire design over the past months. Heartfelt thanks!!!

    Sincerely yours,

    Kevin LI

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    I love the head sculpt....can't decide if I need this or not

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    I for one need this and the others now. I have always admired these and see them as a better and more importantly 1/6 alternative to the Court of the Dead. They will make quite the Halloween display

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