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    Default Lost in Space Will Robinson review

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    Things have been a little quiet on the sixth scale front for me (still waiting on my Wonder Woman!), but Executive Replicas' new Lost in Space Will Robinson has hit, and I have my review up tonight. Let's just say I'm disappointed...


    You can also find the review as the usual:


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    Excellent Review Michael! You touched on Both aspects that I have with this figure. The shirt and paint of the Sculpt. If I pick this up a Sculpt repaint is in order for sure. Ive started to collect their older figures, but folks want too much for them nowadays.

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    Why aren't there freckles? That really makes no sense at all. It would have gone a long way to help sell who he is. Very bad choice to leave off the strongest identifier.

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    I didn't know Barbie did a line of Lost In Space figures.
    Seriously though, that head sculpt is horrible.


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    I don't see really any improvement over the Doctor Smith figure. This one is more than double that. Easy pass honestly.

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    At $40-$60 (the original price neighborhood for this line) this level of "quality" is questionable. At $180 it's a joke.


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    This is very disappointing. When the prototype was originally shown, it was weak, but I hoped they would take some feedback and make some improvements. The sculpt, lack of freckles, fit of the clothing, etc., not worth $180. With the abilities of these companies to access skilled services, there is no way this figure or any other coming through this line should be at a level the industry was 10 years ago. The laser pistol and boots, very nice, everything else is drek.

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    Wow, that does look really bad. Not sure what's worse, the paintjob or those awful flat hands...

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    Sorry to say and I mean this in the best way.. this line and this one especially is total crap... drop the mic!

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    I'm not familiar with the source material this is from, but yikes, this figure makes some of Star Ace's questionable releases look like Hot Toys figures.

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