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    Default QMX Star Trek General discussion thread

    If i'm out of line, mods feel free to delete but I think it would be cool to have a general discussion thread for all the figures instead of just putting all the general discussion randomly in the kirk/spock, McCoy, and Picard threads.

    I get the feeling that we need to be vocal about what exactly we want and don't want going forward. I feel like there are probably several characters/crew members that if we say nothing we either won't get or we'll get but not get what we want.

    To be different, I'll start with one idea I haven't seen anyone mention specifically: For the less popular crews, can we at least get the captain? I don't know how many of you want a Paris or Tuvok but I know much more of you would probably like a Janeway. I would like a Capt. Archer from Enterprise but have no interest in Mayweather or Reed. Basically what I'm saying is that obviously the main crew of the original and probably next generation should probably get figures but maybe for the others, we can try to gouge who else we really want.

    I'll have more intricate thoughts later should this thread be allowed to continue. We can all chime in about what versions of which characters we want from all the shows/movies.
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    I just hope we get the whole TNG crew, INCLUDING Dr. Crusher who sometimes gets left out to my annoyance. Beyond that, I'd LOVE a Janeway. I do think at least doing the Captains of the other crews makes a lot of sense.

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    I want the basic crew of TOS plus Janice Rand. As for TNG, I think I'll get what they choose to deliver as I don't see them making all the characters. I know Data and Worf are planned, but I'd choose Riker and Try over Worf.

    And yes, the captains should be a given.
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    I think once they got the TOS trinity out of the way, they should of done the Captains. Then circle back and do other characters from the different series. I love Scotty, Data, Worf, etc, but I REALLY want each Captain to go with each ship in my display at home.
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    TOS seven are definite buys for me and several iconic aliens such as Romulan, Gorn etc then the seven in their red movie uniforms (Scotty hopefully in his engineering uniform) I'd prefer them from TUC rather than TWOK, but TWOK is also fine with me.
    TNG only if the main seven were made incl Dr Crusher.
    DS9 would be my preference after TOS, but it's unlikely that the core crew would be made. 9" Quark didn't even get a release by Playmates & they were pumping out characters.
    No interest in Voyager, Enterprise or reboot crew (although I do enjoy the films)

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    I think Uhura and Seven look like they are the first two female figures. My dilemma is that I'm a completist so I get frustrated when characters are left out but I also don't have the space to go the whole hog for every genre so I'm in for all the TOS figures. I'm also hoping that Chapel and Rand get made but realistically, I don't think that's likely any more than Kyle or Leslie. I just don't think the numbers will be there for them to do them commercially. They might do better selling uniform and equipment packs for folks to use as customising fodder when they get to the end of the run. I have already commissioned a custom Rand head with TMP hair. That way, if she does get made, I won't have two the same :-P.

    Worse for me is that TMP is my favourite Era. I love the look of the ship and the diverse multi racial crew. Thus, on top of Rand, I will probably end up commissioning Chapel, Decker, Ilia, a few of the aliens, plus TMP uniforms for all.

    I noted that Nanjin teased a TMP sculpt for Kirk as a personal project, so maybe he has found someone out there who will be willing and able to make those uniforms for me! He also stated previously that he is a fan of Majel Barrett so it's possible some kind of sculpt might get made, most likely Lwaxana, but I can see how some minor tweaks could turn her into Chapel, especially if her hair is not too crazy.

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    My other thinking with this thread is that I know, at the minimum, Nanjin will be watching but I also think other people from QMX will be looking at various forums like this one to try to see what we want. Nanjin mentioned Q on his facebook and that we the fans need to let Qmx know we would want him. That should be for any character. So...how do you think the releases should be? The idea of captains and then circling back is a good one but I kind of like jumping around more than that.

    I think it's very interesting how many people are pro Dr. Crusher. I think of that show's main seven, she seems to get the least figures for some reason and I want to echo the others in saying I would like to get her. In fact, I even have an idea for the exclusive. The regular is just her in her uniform and the exclusive would be her with the doctor lab coat Got to go to work but when I get home I'm gonna list what release order I'd want for all the characters I want. I'd suggest many of us do the same. Let them know who we want NOW and not later. I think they're more willing to listen then Hot Toys for example.
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    I don't have much interest beyond TNG and maybe the TOS films personally. TNG is my favorite Trek by far. I like TOS but can only take so much of it at a time and have more fond memories of that crew from watching the films.

    I agree about doing the Captains first though (even though I personally can't stand Janeway). After that circle back to other crew members.

    Actually thinking about it I'd maybe get a Captain Archer. I've always felt like Enterprise is somewhat underrated and would take it over Deep Space Nine (which I know some love but isn't for me) and Voyager (which I've never liked).

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    I support the thread. We need to make our voices heard. It seems like Star Trek fans are just a relic of the 90s that never managed to survive. So we need to fight for our merch.

    I'm in for exactly this list and probably only this list... I have hundreds of figures there's a limit to what I'd buy


    Complete crew (not including Wesley but definitely including Beverly) - basic series uniforms
    Q (not in star fleet uniform... its lazy)


    Complete TOS crew
    TOS khan
    WOk - Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Khan only
    First contact - Picard only


    Complete crew, with J Dax (not E Dax) worf too, all in the late series uniforms (including Kira)

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