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    Default Re: O-Soul/303Toys/Inflames Toys three kingdoms chinese historical figures

    Quote Originally Posted by agentghost View Post
    My friend is selling his 303 Toys Zhuge Liang. I am debating whether to buy the 303 Toys version or pre-order the Inflames one

    what's the quality of 303 versus Inflames figure?

    Some ppl on this forum seem to say that Inflames figures are fragile and very overprice?
    Inflame wrist joints are the weakest ever. They break if you just look at them wrong lol. 303 Zhuge is awesome and Iím perfectly happy with mine and feel no need to get the Inflame one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Resident Eric View Post
    303's young Zhuge Liang looks better in my opinion. I have Inflames Zhang FEI and their ball joints are a bit fragile

    Can you replace them with another brand? I donít want to mess it up when I get my figures. Still waiting for my first IFT figure. I donít think I have this many failed attempts at buying a 1/6 figure (Zhao Yun).
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    do tell. I guess PO inflames items are poorly handled by unprofessional distributors and crappy production coordinators

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