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Thread: Elvira

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    Default Elvira

    Hello is this the right place to ask if any body has Elvira figures. thank you.Bob

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    What kind? Size?

    Bugler, sound the advance

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    No other than the small one by Amok Time. There was a 1:6 scale one teased a while back with a sculpt by snyderman that I had been dying for myself. If someone came up with a good custom version I'd be first in line

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    Probably better to check the Horror board's action figure section.

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    I met here last year and got her to sign my figure.

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    My wife and I were just discussing doing an Elvira custom,using a large bust Phicen. Challenge will be finding a suitable head sculpt...PS
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    I imagine if enough people showed interest Snyder-man would come up with a custom sculpt. They wont sell castings of the one they did for Amok Time, I've ask. It was made oversized to account for factory shrinkage. I was told the sculptor wasn't really satisfied with the sculpt either as it was rushed to be displayed at a convention. If you look at the Ripleys, Selenes, and Peggy Carter that they offer there really isn't anyone doing that calibur of female custom sculpts on here. They also don't ask for 16 to 20 people to be interested before starting a sculpt.

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