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    Default Iron Studios Ironman mk43 and spiderman Legacy replicas


    Iron Studios Iron man Mk43 legacy replica.

    Mint, all lights perfect. Goes with art and shipper boxes. Always displayed in my PAX closet. Pet free, smoke free home.

    This statue was one of the first pieces produced by Iron studios and this one specifically was a demo piece to the distributor in Europe. Well, basically the distributor sold to shop that sold to me at full price. I clarified the point with Iron Studios and it did not bug me because I'm not into these numbers what matters is that this is a perfect QA piece, made to impress.

    800 usd + shipping and paypal fees

    ebay link: http://ebay.us/EwHIK7?cmpnId=5338273189


    Spiderman and base in great shape. Light works fine. Boxes great.

    A tiny piece broken on the stair that is hard to notice. It does not come with art print.

    500 usd + shipping and paypal fees

    ebay link: http://ebay.us/QYpXOb?cmpnId=5338273189

    I will post pictures soon.

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    Ironman sold!

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    Wow spiderman $1400

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