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    Default Hot Toys Iron Man Suit-Up Gantry, Thor, Life-Size Infinity Gauntlet, ETC.

    I also have for sale the following items:
    Iron man suit Up Gantry: SOLD OUT
    Hot Toys: Life-Size Infinity Gauntlet $899
    Hot Toys Wonder Woman Deluxe (Justice League) $244.95
    Hot Toys Thor (Infinity War) $259.99
    Hot Toys Thanos
    Hot Toys Black Panther
    Hot Toys Dr. Strange'
    Hot Toys The Punisher War Machine Armor
    Hot Toys Obi-Wan Kenobi Deluxe Version
    Hot Toys Captain Marvel
    Hot Toys Alita

    Prices for Pre-Orders are available on website as well!

    HAVE A BUNCH MORE AVAILABLE ON MY WEBSITE WITH ROTATING STOCK! All purchases receive 5% back in the form of points to put towards future purchases on ALL orders!

    Keep checking back on our facebook page for coupons and giveaways!

    Message me if interested in anything at all! We can go through PayPal for both buyer and seller protection!

    Please let me know if you have any questions at all!
    marvel-iron-man-2-iron-man-mark-4-with-suit-up-gantry-sixth-scale-collectible-set-hot-toys-90310.jpgAttachment 440386[ATTACH=CO50732316_10219678619142507_3745705970286723072_n.jpgdc-comics-justice-league-wonder-woman-deluxe-sixth-scale-hot-toys-903121-26.jpgthe-punisher-war-machine-armor_marvel_gallery_5c4b88d7261f7.jpgmarvel-avengers-infinity-war-thanos-sixth-scale-figure-hot-toys-903429-24.jpgobi-wan-kenobi-deluxe-version_star-wars_gallery_5c4ca13805550.jpgblack-panther_marvel_gallery_5c4cfe4fcf181.jpgNFIG]440384[/ATTACH]Attachment 440385Attachment 440382Attachment 440383
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    Bump! One sold, a couple left!

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    Only a few left!

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    Bump, have lots more variety and collectibles for sale on my website... PM for details!

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    Bump added a bunch of new product!

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    Bumpidy! A thor, iron man gantry, and a preorder dr strange have sold, still have a few of each left as well as everything listed!

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    Happy Thursday!

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