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    Default (PRICE DROP 1/14) 1/6 Ryan Gosling Drive, creg custom joker

    This is a figure I have been putting together for a long time and just decided to move on from it. It includes the following:

    - Jnix head sculpt - unpainted (easily the best ryan gosling sculpt out there)
    - jeans, white undershirt from xenoviper set by yunsil
    - shoes (unpainted) from xenoviper set
    - modified redman jacket. Insides removed to make jacket fit more snuggly to the body
    - gloves and hammer
    - Hot toys han solo body. Best body for this character. The right arm has been modified/shortened to be the correct length for holding the hammer, the standard arm is way too long



    Creg Custom joker head (unpainted) $75
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