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    Default Big price drops avengers iron man 43, captn harlock, medicom star wars droids

    Smoke free, no direct sunlight, Hot Toys OPENED, COMPLETE, WORKING w/SHIPPER unless otherwise noted.

    Prices for PayPal Friends & Family, shipping NOT included (zip for shipping). For regular payment, add 15% (STATE TAXES & PAYPAL FEES). First paid wins, no holds.

    MMS223 Space Pirate Captain Harlock with Throne of Arcadia (no shipper) $269 (back in stock after my friend decided he needed Neo more, has been stored for some time, displayed in a smoke free detolf before that, no direct sunlight, like new figure/accessories, box has very minor shelf-wear).

    MMS278D09 Avengers:AOU Iron Man Mark XLIII - PAINT DAMAGE LEFT SIDE (complete except no clear band wrapping around outside box, no shipper) $190

    MEDICOM Talking Electronic R2-D2 & C-3P0 (selling both together, complete working, minor shelf wear on clear stand that goes with 3P0, in boxes) $289

    MMS132 Iron Man 2 Mark VI (no shipper) SOLD
    MMS224 Dark World Thor (Regular) MIB SOLD
    MMS286 Avengers:Age of Ultron Hulk Regular (no shipper) SOLD
    MMS229 Avengers Bruce Banner (never displayed) SOLD
    MMS215 Iron Man 3 Igor Mark XXXVIII SOLD
    MMS191 Tony Stark Iron Man 3 Workshop (battery compartment screw stripped) SOLD
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