Need to start to reduce my collection due to a fairly serious medical diagnosis (the big "c"), and some hefty bills on the horizon.

Have the following for sale:

(all are from a non-smoking home, and have been stored in a climate controlled hobby room exposed to zero daylight)

Hot Toys Blade from Blade II (MMS113) $475
Acquired from a fellow Freak. Briefly displayed. No shipper

Hot Toys Abigail Whistler from Blade 3 (MMS128) $275
Examined when purchased, never displayed. w/ shipper

Hot Toys Loki from The Avengers (MMS176) $340
Sealed w/shipper

Hot Toys T800 from T2 (DX10) $285
Examined when purchased. W/shipper

Hot Toys John Connor from Terminator Salvation (MMS95) $175
Acquired from fellow Freak. Selling as loose/ complete, but will ship with product box, but has damaged styrofoam (missing about a silver dollar size chunk)

Hot Toys Spiderman from Spiderman 3 (black suit version) (SS Exclusive) (MMS165) $275
NRFB + Shipper

Prices include continental US shipping unless specified.