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    Default Do not buy from people with "0" posts!!!!

    If a new member with 0 posts sends you a private message offering to sell you something, do not buy it and report this person to a moderator.

    They may be legitimate, but it is against the forum rules for people to use this forum to sell without Premium Member status. Also we've had a rash of zero-posters PMing and making deals and never delivering.



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    Hey Darklord,must forgive me but unfortunately i have really bad short term memory issues and makes it hard for me to remember simple posts or even where i made them. I'm pretty sure you hmu with a topic about that you had spoken to Rainman kr something to that effect and that he was going to be making a couple Milkshake man pieces for fun. I wrote down it was sent to me on the 11th,don't know why i didn't see it sooner,but if this is going to happen with making Daniel Planview it would really make me feel like my collection is complete except for grabbing Aldo Raine at a reasonable price which I'm working on now through eBay. Anyway for me my room is a different world i can come into and completely takes me away from all the stresses in life by being surrounded by my favorite characters and how my imagination runs wild with them in a care free world. I don't know if everyone collects for the same reason and probably don't. I'm sure plenty do though and think it's the most important way characters made by people like Rainman etc.. are like medicine to myself.lol The appreciation for what all figures made by big companies or freelance artists i think should be more payed attention to. Anyway let me stop rambling,i joined Facebook for no other reason then to get on sideshow freaks and while i might be 35 and should be completely computer savy,i just loose my way in getting from different areas in ssf. I checked your post out this morning and since then lost the message that was sent about the work Rainman is doing,your name pops up all over and took your advice when introduction and it helps me and I'm sure alot of other ppl get around and beware of scammers etc... so just want to thank you for being so envolved in the community. On ebay I'm listed under Toyplayer and if you would like other information to get in touch with me,honestly this piece if able to be gotten at a fair price through Rainman I'd hit you up with some kind of finders fee. The fact that Rainman is doing this for fun makes me even want the piece more. Running a business and selling figures is a awesome way to make a living,but toss doing a piece just for fun when you can be doing other work to make good money,makes me desire it so much more. Anyway sorry for chewing your ear off, I'm extremely excited to be able to be possibly able to get a hold of one of these pieces and is why I'm happy to hook you up with some sort of finders fee wether it be a toy,which I'd rather it be for you to enjoy or something else we can figure out. I'm gonna leave my email and normally wouldn't do this,but it's a priority to me if possible to be able to get this figure,so please hmu at directhit310.jl@gmail.com and we can chat more if you'd like. It's just so hard like i said for me to find the link you posted on my message board after th3 first time i clicked it due to my short term memory issues,thanks for dealing with reading this extremely long message my excitement and other issues just gets me carried away alot,sorry if was annoying for you to have to read,hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience. Thanks again,Jeremy a.ka Toyplayer

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    I've had a few of these recently.

    One of these guys told me he wanted my Stealth VII... and he wanted to pay for it but wait 30 days until I sent because of change of address.

    I saw one situation someone did this and changed the address to ship several times. The guy sent it to the unconfirmed PayPal address and the other guy filed a claim saying he never got it.

    The seller lost out of a $240 transaction. PayPal refunded the money and he lost the product.
    Look, I changed my signature.

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    What about wanting to buy something from someone? I just got my 1/6 scale Sideshow Darth Vader and want to buy a 1/6 scale HotToys Storm Trooper to go with him. Its unfortunate people new to the hobby cannot benefit from others wanting to sell items.

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    well//looks like you're all going to be seeing a lot more of me because i have things to sell//hahah!!

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    OK Understood and I think you are correct
    I have been in the collectibles business for over 35 years and there are plenty of scams out there
    I am a seller on eBay with perfect feedback under the name of Watsonsretrojewelry
    my email address is Woodysworld2000@Comcast.net and I have a personal website
    phone is 8563666977
    Take a look and see for yourself this is no scam

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    Sorry my last post did not seem to list my site correctly it is

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    I don't buy or sell to new members and people think I'm to harsh.
    If they've been here less than a year and/or have little to
    no postings or feedback in this forum = no sale to or from.

    The only exception; if a long term member vouches for them.

    But I have not had a recast from one of my figures in 5+ years
    or issues with buying things.

    So call me whatever you want, it works.
    Sure I lose out on some sales, but that's the chance I take.
    And if anyone like that PM's me, I politely decline.

    But if you want me to report them, I will from now on.
    Because I delete the PM after I reply to it.


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    Oh bummer

    What should I do in my case? I register to try to trade my new HT Luke Skywalker ( since I have 2 ) for another HT toy, but since I am new what should I do?

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    What if they're selling rhino horn? It's hard to get around here.

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