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    Default FS HT Gladiator Thor (Standard), SSC TIE EX, AT-AT EX, Aayla Secura

    Hello, and thank you for stopping by!

    All prices include priority shipping. Items will be shipped out via USPS Priority Mail to anywhere in the US. I will do my best to get them out promptly.

    Please add 3% when paying as PayPal goods and services. I am happy to ship internationally but shipping will be extra, and buyer takes responsibility for package after it leaves the US. Please keep in mind I'm in Hawaii so shipping is more expensive (shipping for an average 1/6 figure costs about $25).

    • All items are new or complete and like new and complete with accessories, art box, and shipper unless noted. Items will either be new or have only myself as a previous owner. I try to keep everything that comes with the figure, right down to the protective plastic bags and inserts. I will do my best to repackage each figure like they are brand new.

    • All opened figures have only been posed once or twice and left in a museum pose on display, as not to damage the body or any of the materials. They are kept out of direct sunlight in a pet and smoke free environment. I live in a temperate climate with no adverse effects on displayed or stores figures.

    • The majority of accessories are typically new and have been left untouched in the box. I only remove what the figure needs for display and don't touch the rest.

    Though I'm just a fellow collector and not a store by any means, customer service is still very important to me. I will do my best to always get back to you in a prompt and courteous manner, and treat you like you would be treated by any good retailer.

    I am open to reasonable offers, especially on multiple figures or for folks who have purchased items from me before. I will generally try to make something work for you, but there are a few exceptions if the price is already as low as I can go.

    Thank you very much for looking, and thank you as always to the community for making buying and sell figures an awesome experience.

    For Sale
    Hot Toys Gladiator Thor (Standard) - $275 + $25 Shipping
    Brand new and sealed in brown shipper.

    Sideshow AT-AT Driver (Exclusive) - $160 + $25 Shipping
    Like new, displayed in glass case, complete with all accessories, art box, and shipper.

    Sideshow TIE Fighter Pilot (Exclusive) - $160 + $25 Shipping
    Like new, displayed in glass case, complete with all accessories, art box, and shipper.

    Sideshow Aayla Secura - $60 + $25 Shipping
    Like new, displayed in glass case, complete with all accessories, art box, and shipper.
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    Thanks for your purchases so far, all. Bump!

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