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    Default F/S CHEAP Hot Toys ,DX13,Wolverine,Ash,Leonidas,Predator,Batman,super man,crow,raiden

    Hello everyone.

    Im selling my collection Including the Cabinets. All of my items come with all of the original accessories and packaging including their brown shippers. All of my figures have been displayed in a glass detolf in a smoke free, pet free and child free home.

    NO Shipping or PayPal fees (included in list price). NO GIFT PAYMENTS accepted

    International buyers will need to pay extra postage costs.

    Offers welcomed

    Star Ace Leonidas $200

    Sideshow Ash $215

    Hot Toys DOFP Wolverine $315

    HT Last Stand Wolverine (alternate head) $160

    Hot Toys DX13 BD T-800 $330

    Hot Toys City Hunter Predator 2.0. $200

    Hot Toys City Elder Predator 2.0. $200

    Hot Toys Celtic Predator 2.0. $300

    Hot Toys Berserker Predator $200

    Hot Toys Armory w/ alfred $400

    Hot Toys MMS68 Joker $240

    Hot Toys MOS Superman $180

    Hot Toys Reeves Superman $200

    Hot Toys MOS Gen Zod $160

    Hot Toys Kylo Ren $150

    Hot Toys Raiden $160

    Hot Toys Crow $150

    Hot Toys Batman Returns $150

    The Cases w/LED lights are also for sale PM me if interested. I am in lower Alabama(36526) and I am moving to Central georgia.(drop off/pick up avail)



    Hot Toys Silver centurion. SOLD

    Hot Toys DW THOR SOLD

    Hot Toys light armor thor SOLD

    Hot Toys Iron Patriot. SOLD

    Hot Toys Hulk. SOLD

    Hot toys 1/4 Endoskeleton Exclusive. SOLD
    2 plasma rifles, replaced neck rods w/ springs

    Hot Toys DX11 Joker (non Ex.) SOLD

    Hot Toys Bane. SOLD

    Enterbay Scar Face War Version SOLD

    Classic Predator SOLD

    Hot Toys DX12 SOLD

    Hot Toys Samurai Predator. TRADED

    Hot Toys ED-209 2.0 SOLD
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