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    Default Re: F/S CHEAP Hot Toys ,DX13,Wolverine,Ash,Leonidas,Predator,Batman,super man,crow,ra

    Quote Originally Posted by jal76 View Post
    Ha ha ha...he has not been on this site for years...probably has no more toys...probably does not even remember his ID and username...may not even be ok...
    yup. Some people's world dont revolve around this stuff like others. With what you said I hope he is ok. Maybe he backed off when they started charging to sell here... I dont remember when that started.

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    Is the Reeve Superman still available? I'm interested

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    I know he's not here anymore, but does anyone know what case that is in the middle? Looks like a wide Detolf.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spekerol View Post
    Well dude itís common courtesy if you donít sell your stuff then update it and if you do than list it sold. Not so hard to adult that and if you canít you shouldnít be selling on the forum.
    I do agree with this. Every thread that I ask if something is still for sale I get "oh sorry sold". It just happened to me again 5 minutes ago. Some might not think it's a big deal but if you create a thread then maintain it. It's not difficult to type "sold" after accepting someone's payment.
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