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Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Statement of Purpose

Sideshow Freaks a/k/a SideshowCollectors.com is the premiere online community for fans of pop culture collectibles - ranging from one sixth figures to statues to prop replicas and anything in between. The purpose of this forum is to provide a fan and licensee friendly site for anyone who shares a passion for movies, television shows, comics and other entertainment media to share information, find reviews of items from fellow fans, and discuss common topics of interest. Our main goal is to cultivate a deep sense of community within the entertainment memorabilia community and between fans and artists, manufacturers and distributors of collectibles. Sideshow Freaks is not sponsored by Sideshow Collectibles and no member of the forum staff is employed by Sideshow. However the forum has a excellent working relationships with Sideshow and the site does have a sales affiliate relationship with the company.

Community Guidelines

Untitled Document


Our Community Guidelines, a supplement to our Terms of Use, provide an outline of acceptable and unacceptable behavior on our sites, and apply to all content posted on or generated from Sideshowcollectors.com.
Use of Sideshowcollectors.com constitutes your acceptance and agreement to abide by the following guidelines in both letter and intent. Whether or not you agree with them on a personal level, try to understand them and try to respect the spirit in which they were created.
We reserve the right to change, add to, and interpret any part of the Community Guidelines in a manner we feel best serves the community. Any content or member we feel is in conflict with the purpose of this forum may be removed at our discretion. Our decisions are final.
Each member of the community is responsible for 1) showing respect for our forum and the other members of the community and 2) not abusing the forum and the other members of the community.


A. Harassment and Threats. This forum is all about sharing and interacting with the community in respectful ways. Predatory behavior, stalking, attacking, demeaning, threats, harassment, intimidation, and inciting others to commit violent acts are unacceptable. Any legal threat, express or implied, against Sideshowcollectors.com or our membership will result in an immediate termination of your account.

B. Sex/Nudity and Shocking/Disgusting Content. Our sites are not for pornographic, sexually explicit or even overtly sexually suggestive content. It is not okay to post violent or gory content that’s primarily intended to be shocking, sensational or disrespectful.

C. Profanity. Don't use profanity or bypass our software-based profanity censor.

D. Hate Speech. While we believe everyone has a right to express their point of view, even if it is unpopular, we don't permit hate speech (speech which attacks or demeans a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity).

E. Controversial Topics (Religion and Politics). Because they are so detrimental to the cohesion of any community, we do not allow the discussion of political/religious views, religious/political figures, or social issues that will inevitably draw members into a heated debate (e.g Evolution/Creationism or the politics behind gun control, abortion, etc). It is unrealistic to believe that a religious or political viewpoint won’t work its way onto the site in some fashion (e.g mentioning you will pray for a sick member). It is important to remember that the purpose of this policy is not to limit your ability to express your beliefs but to limit the division often caused by discussing/debating differing points of view regarding these subjects.

F. Spoiler Content. Please be careful not to post any potential spoiler content in post titles. The forum has the bbcode [spoiler][/spoiler] tags to hide spoiler information as a courtesy to others.  The length of time after the premiere or airing that the spoiler tags need to be used will be determined on a case by case basis.

G. Privacy. Posting or distributing any form of personal information without the consent of the member is unacceptable. Examples of personal information include, but are not limited to full name, address, IP addresses, phone numbers, or an unpublicized email address.

H. Spamming. Everyone hates spam. Don’t create misleading descriptions, titles or content in order to increase views. It's not okay to post large amounts of untargeted, unwanted or repetitive content, including private messages.

I. Advertising.

(i) You are welcome to link your site in your signature as long as it doesn’t conflict with any rule in the Community Guidelines or Terms of Use. However, this forum is not intended solely as a venue for you to promote your brand/site/product.

(ii) If you would like to become a paid sponsor/advertiser on our sites please contact us via email; [email protected]

(iii) Any content promoting a site that is in conflict with the purpose of forum or is a direct competitor of the forum may be removed.

(iv) Posting, emailing, private messaging, uploading, or otherwise transmitting any content containing affiliate account information is prohibited.

(v) Please note, any content transmitted to our sites associated with one of our affiliates may automatically or manually have our affiliate account information appended to it. Removal of this appended information is also prohibited.

J. Illegal Information/Content. Please refrain from posting/linking/requesting pirated content, or paid subscription content.

K. Member Accounts. Each member is allowed a single account. If you cannot access your account, please do not create additional accounts as they would be considered “sockpuppet” accounts. Instead, please contact our staff so we can correct the problem. Banned or deactivated members are not allowed to create new accounts.
You are required to have an accurate first name in your user profile. Providing a false or fictitious first name may lead to account termination.

L. Official Language. While our sites welcome people of all language, English is the official language of our sites because it is the common language between our staff and members. Because we cannot moderate conversations in a foreign language, you may not hold a public conversation in a language other than English.

M. Suggestions, Comments and Criticism.

(i) For questions, comments, or criticism regarding policy or any actions taken by the staff we encourage you to PM a member of the staff with your thoughts.

(ii) Public discussion/debate of actions taken by the staff (present or past) or site policy may be removed.


We do not endorse or manage the creation or sale of statues, figures, props or materials by anyone for sale to others. All sales are private transactions between the buyer and seller.

A. Buying/selling/trading items on the site.

(i) All buying, selling, advertising or interest-gauging must take place in the designated sales area.

(ii) Only Premium Members are eligible to post in the designated sales area after certain time and or posting requirements are met.

(iii) Members using the designated sales area do so at their own risk. All sales are private transactions between the buyer and seller. As a general rules, we do not intervene in these private sales or transactions. Members are strongly encouraged to fulfill their obligations as buyers or sellers in a timely fashion. We may be forced to ban a buyer or seller who acts unethically.

(iv) Members may not shill on any part of our sites. This includes posting items for sale or coordinating sales for other people or promoting sites, services or products for banned members or known recasters.

(v) Please refrain from the discussion of live or pending auctions. Auctions for items of interest to the board should be discussed AFTER the auction has closed. In the event where you suspect an auction item (or seller) is fraudulent, posting is permitted as a warning to other members. Members can post their own auctions in the designated sales area.

(vi) As a seller, you MUST state a price in your thread (excluding threads that are simply links to your eBay auctions). You may include "OBO" in a sales thread where a price has been stipulated, but threads where no price have been stated, and asks for open or silent offers are not permitted.

(vii) Silent auctions/bids, charity auctions and any form of raffle are not permitted.

B. Selling/trading of recast items. Deliberately recasting another member’s creation without consent is not supported by this community.

Deliberately recasting an active licensee's product is not supported by this community.

If anyone believes their item has been recast by a member, they are encouraged to provide proof to our staff, with the understanding that the burden of proof lies solely with the accuser and that members will be considered innocent unless clearly proven otherwise by the aggrieved party.


Our Community Guidelines aren’t designed to specifically cover every possible scenario and you alone are responsible for any content or activity associated with your account. Membership at Sideshowcollectors.com is a privilege granted by the owner/administrator. It is not a social or legal right. We may issue a warning, temporarily or permanently ban/deactivate your account(s) and/or IP addresses, or delete/edit your content if your conduct violates any part of our Community Guidelines or is counterproductive to the purpose of the site.

Our failure to enforce any part of the Community Guidelines, for whatever reason, shall not be construed as a waiver of our right to do so at any time.

Please note that your actions outside the confines of this forum may affect your membership.

A. Warnings. Warnings may be issued if a member violates any part of the Community Guidelines. Warnings are not punishments. They are administrative notices, and a record of an incident. Warnings are considered private matters and will not be publicly declared.

B. Infractions. If you break one of the rules of the board and a mod must edit or delete a post you made, then you will receive an infraction. Depending on the seriousness of the breach it could be worth more than 1 infraction. That will be the determination of the admin or moderator. If you receive 5 infractions you will be banned from the forum for 2 weeks. When you come back and you continue to be a problem, once you've accumulated 10 infractions you will be banned for an additional month. If you remain a problem and rack up 15 infractions total, you will be banned permanently. Fractions remain with you for the length of membership and only an admin can remove them.

Spammers will be banned permanently from the first spam post. Any scammers will be immediately banned permanently. Anyone posting pornography will be immediately banned permanently.

C. Legal Action. We will not be involved in any legal action between or involving members and may take action necessary, including the temporary or permanent termination of a member's account on this forum to protect the safety of ourselves and our membership.

D. Membership Review and Termination. Should a member receive sufficient warnings to necessitate a review, the staff will evaluate the member’s history and decide on an appropriate action. A severe infraction of the Community Guidelines may result in the immediate termination of your account. While it is not standard practice, we reserve the right to terminate your account without prior notice

E. Self-Termination. Members who request the termination of their account are committing digital suicide. We encourage members who are contemplating this request to step away from the community, regain your composure and reconsider your request. Once terminated at your own request, you cannot come back.  Termination will only involve removing of personal data from the database.  Posts will not be deleted as that would undermine the integrity of the threads where they are posted.

Membership Tiers

New Members
When first joining the forum you will be categorized as a “New Member.” 
New Members must have 5 posts before they will be able to post pictures, post links or to send private messages to other members.
After 5 posts New Members will be able to post like everyone else, however they will not be able to use signatures or post visitor messages.  They will also not be able to upgrade to Premium Membership.  After 30 days if a New Member has over 20 posts they will be automatically upgraded to Full Member and they can then pay for an upgrade to Premium Member.

Full Members
Full Members can use images in their signatures (but not animated gifs).  They can post visitor messages and otherwise have all the rights expected of a forum member.

Premium Members
A Premium Membership costs $25 per year and includes the following privileges:

  • Can post items for sale in the Marketplace
  • Can have a larger avatar
  • Can use an animated gif in signature (size limited to less than 500KB)
  • Can create a Group
  • Can have a Blog
  • Increase of PM box from 100 to 1500.
  • May Use Custom User Title
  • Can Use Reputation System
  • Maximum Number of Album Pictures from 50 to 250.
  • Limited Ads - We remove the in-thread ads.
  • Access to Premium Member Forum
  • User Name Changes

Why can't I post?

If you've just registered and can't post that's because every new registration has to be email verified. Sometimes the email verification gets stopped by your spam filter - check the junk folder.

If you've received and responded to the email verification and it's been over 24 hours since you registered there may be a problem with your registration.

There are some issues that may prevent your registration from completing - here are a few: If you are posting from a country with high spam rates you might have a problem, India, Russia, mainland China, etc.

If the ISP your email is coming through is a free emailer or is known for spam - you might have a problem.

Don't register from a mobile service that can't be traced to an IP address, it will be deleted.

If the registration username is obscene or has numbers in it - you might have a problem.

So if you haven't received an approval notice after 24 hours - then you should email [email protected] if you're not a spammer.

Sales Guidelines


Only Premium Members may post items for sale.  See here for details on Premium Membership.
You can post a thread advertising your item(s) for sale or you can choose the Classified listings in the Panjo Marketplace.  Each item can have its own Panjo listing and it will also create a linked thread in the appropriate sales forum.  When you sell an item you MUST change the listing to SOLD.


The “For Sale/Trade” section is for forum members to trade and sell items with other forum members. Like any internet marketplace the rule of "buyer beware" applies.
Aside from banning scammers, sideshowcollectors.com, its administrator, owner and moderators have no involvement with any transactions that take place here and cannot be held liable for any failed transaction nor can we help in tracking down a delinquent member or getting restitution.  However all Premium Members are required to give their shipping address when signing up and if a buyer can prove they have been defrauded the forum may supply this information to the buyer.


Failure to obey these rules will result in suspension of commerce privileges and may result in permanent banning from the forum. This forum is a privilege, not a right.

1)            If the mods feel that a sale or post is inappropriate then it can and will be deleted. "Inappropriateness" means off limit items such as porn, recasts or bootlegs or it could just be for outrageous scalping.

2)            Any scammers will be banned permanently. Scamming is failure to complete a transaction in a reasonable time frame after the other person has completed their side. Failure to communicate with someone with whom you’ve made a deal will also be considered scamming.

3)            If you receive an infraction at any time your sales privileges may be revoked or denied. If you have any questionable transactions your sales privileges may be revoked. If you're banned it will be at the discretion of the admin (Darklord Dave) as to whether your sales privileges are restored upon your return.

4)            Scalping (buying items solely with the intention of immediately selling them to other collectors at a markup) is discouraged.

5) No preorders may be sold in the for sale/trade section. Items must be the seller's possession. Violation of this rule will result in the listing being deleted and sanctions against the seller may be enacted.

6)            One sales thread per person at a time in each subforum. Put all your items in the title. The board may return an error message for a long thread title, use abbreviations if you can. To change your title go to your Opening Post and Click on EDIT then ADVANCED OPTIONS, change your title in the 'Title' box, scroll down and click SAVE. That will change it on the whole thread. 

However if you choose to use the Panjo Marketplace this rule does not apply.  Each Panjo listing results in a separate thread in the Sales Forum.

7) Do not bump sale threads more than once in a 24 hour period. Doing so will result in the thread being deleted. This includes adding an "update" in the thread so that it will be bumped. If you need to update - then you may edit your first post.

8) If you receive a Sideshow Gift card for free, we're not going to allow them for sale here. If you need to sell it - take it to ebay. However you may give away the gift card, if you've already used one for the promotion it's no good to you anyway - please share with a fellow Freak. http://www.sideshowcollectors.com/fo...ad.php?t=41269

9) Editorial comments about the seller, the seller's item, the price the seller is asking or general interference in the commerce thread is not allowed. If you have something to say about the value of an item, post it in the appropriate other forum.

10)          Anyone making inappropriate comments, harassing sellers and being a nuisance in a sale thread will receive an infraction. If you remain a problem and rack up 15 infractions total, you will be banned permanently. However, if you are trying to sell something for the going ebay rate or above AND/OR you are trying to get a really good deal below the going ebay rate, please don't be offended if the price you are offering/asking is questioned by other members.


1) No illegally manufactured or bootleg product that has been mass-produced.

2) No recasts of commercially available product or unauthorized recasts of custom items.

3) No porn or porn collectibles.


Some general guidelines apply when dealing with other forum members:

1) Check the feedback thread in this forum and their iTrader rating. If the member you're dealing with isn't listed, ask for references of previous deals.

2) Never send an item before payment is received. Never send something "paypal gift." You lose any buyer protection by doing this.

3) Seller and Buyer should ask for each other's ebay user names and check each other's feedback on ebay.

4) Don't deal with someone who has a low post count without references.

5) Get references.

6) Beware of private messages that solicit you to buy something. If they don't have enough posts to post in commerce, and they are trying to get you to buy something from PMs, I'd say the transaction is too risky.

7) When you ship an item - USE A SHIPPING BOX, preferably a sturdy one. Cushion the item's art box so the corners and edges are protected. You wouldn't think we'd need this guideline - but experience has proved otherwise.

How a transaction should proceed:

Step 1) List your item and be detailed with its condition.

Step 2) Answer all questions and clarify a form of payment.

Step 3) Agree on a price and claim the sale.

Step 4) Accept payment and give confirmation to the buyer.

Step 5) Ship out sold item w/ insurance and tracking.

Step 6) Pass along shipping info to buyer.

Step 7) Leave feedback

Step 8) Deal with any post sale problems quickly and effectively so both parties can walk away satisfied.

For a trade of items where no money is changing hands both parties should agree on a date that items will be shipped and they should both ship on the that date.


Conversely if a seller agrees to sell something and then changes their mind for whatever reason they buyer has a right to know ASAP.


If you purchase something from a member and the transaction goes off to your satisfaction, please post your positive feedback in iTrader. If you bought and paid for something that was not delivered or was not as described, please post your negative feedback. If there was never an actual transaction (i.e. money exchanged) this DOES NOT warrant negative feedback. However this can be reported as neutral feedback for flaky buyers and sellers.

This rating can also include those who take too much time to send money after it was agreed they would send it and also for those who take longer to mail items than is reasonably expected (i.e. within a week of agreement).

To access iTrader - go to the public profile page of the person you want to leave feedback for. Click on the tab for Feedback Score. Scroll down and click on link for VIEW FULL PROFILE FOR (user's name). Click on SUBMIT FEEDBACK and then follow the instructions. Be sure to fill out all areas and provide the url link for the sale/trade thread where the transaction took place.

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