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2020 - Jedibear's Sixth Scale perspective

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While we are very happy to kick 2020 to the curb, I did have some good sixth scale figure fun, despite it all.
Here's a look at what I enjoyed last year...not so much a "Best of" list, more like a musing of what I liked through the year.

This only features what I actually was able to get. There are a number of potentially cool figures I'm still waiting for like Cody, Solo Maul, Nebula, Qui-Gon and Lando Skiff Guard. After the various posts, pics and videos I've seen of them, I'm sure I'll enjoy those as well.

Here's my figure musings from last year...enjoy!

Justice League Batman
Really enjoyed this final "Batfleck" figure. Sleek and cool to look at.

Name:  BATMAN.jpg
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Size:  3.05 MB

Name:  JL BATMAN.jpg
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Size:  681.1 KB

Justice League Aquaman
Another amazingly detailed figure that was great to snap shots of.

Name:  AQUAMAN.jpg
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Size:  1.30 MB

Luke Skywalker - Jedi Knight
So HT decided to revisit the character with a deluxe version featuring a slimed down look and alternate portraits. Along with the original release, it makes for a complete ROTJ that looks great

Name:  LUKE and PALPATINE.jpg
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Size:  584.5 KB

Name:  LUKE on ENDOR.jpg
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Size:  508.4 KB

Name:  LUKE on SKIFF.jpg
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Size:  737.4 KB

Director Krennic
What an unexpected blast this was...and an awesome looking figure to boot, just stellar.

Name:  KRENNIC.jpg
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Size:  2.30 MB

Name:  KRENNIC and TARKIN.jpg
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Size:  1.50 MB

Views: 0
Size:  2.14 MB

Views: 0
Size:  1.70 MB

Princess Leia Organa and Wicket the Ewok
This is a great set....beautiful figures, loads of accessories for display options, just terrific.

Name:  ENDOR CHASE.jpg
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Size:  952.5 KB

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Size:  2.09 MB

Mythos Boba Fett
I don't want to "number" here but this one is definitely a contender for the top for me.
Love the look and execution here. Just wish the base body was stronger, but once n place, it's one of those figures I can't stop futzing with and staring at.

Name:  MYTHOS FETT.jpg
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Size:  3.22 MB

Name:  MYTHOS FETT 023.jpg
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Size:  1.03 MB

Eric Killmonger "The Jaguar"
This exquisite figure features one of the stronger portraits of the year and has such a striking presence on display.

Name:  THE JAGUAR.jpg
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Size:  3.01 MB

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Size:  2.38 MB

Black Widow "Endgame"
From the great body proportions to the beautiful portrait, I'm right in line with those the say this is the best BW yet.

Name:  BLACK WIDOW.jpg
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Size:  1.59 MB

Name:  STEVE AND NAT.jpg
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Size:  1.25 MB

The Mandalorian
Really well-executed figure of the star Bounty Hunter. Hope to get the Beskar version someday too.

Views: 0
Size:  1.84 MB

Name:  MANDO RIDE.jpg
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Size:  2.21 MB

Han Solo (Deluxe and Mudtrooper)
Again, not wanting to number, but this character with he two figures we got ended up with the best looking figures. Superbly produced and fantastically detailed, I enjoy both of them a lot. If I was doing a number one, well....

Name:  SOLO.jpg
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Size:  1.51 MB

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Size:  863.6 KB

Name:  WINTER SOLO.jpg
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Size:  2.28 MB

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Size:  3.25 MB

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Size:  2.32 MB

...and here's the best accessory! (I kid, I kid...)

Name:  GONK.jpg
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Size:  2.25 MB

Well, there it is! there were other figures from the year as well, but this selection was the group of figures I spent the most time futzing with and snapping shots of.

Here's to another great year of figures! Thanks for checking this out and happy collecting!
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