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    Default Re: Walt Disney World and Disneyland(s) Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by lamtsunfung View Post
    So for those of you who have been to the Star Wars Launch Bays, what's up with the display pieces? The first time I went to the Disneyland one, I assumed that they were all actual movie props (especially the way they had them displayed), but then I came across a lifesize Sideshow Yoda on display. What exactly are we looking at in the Launch Bay?
    The one at Disneyland is kind of a mix. You have an area that is dedicated to the ships and costumes but at the same time they mix in a few Sideshow figures in there for the store. It never bothered me because I enjoyed seeing it anyway but yeah, I can see how that could be confusing.

    Quote Originally Posted by FriendlySamurai View Post
    When is star wars land opening at hollywood?
    Both Star Wars themed lands are slated for 2019, but the one at Disneyland is further along than the one in Walt Disney World.

    Back to disneyland.... Kingdom of Cute is the latest line of vinylmation toys. I had a friend buy an entire case and I took pictures of each one in the park.

    At $19 each they're REALLY expensive for toys that size, but I couldn't help it. So cute!

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    I can't believe they are $19....but of course you have the Disney premium so I can believe it. They are brilliant though.

    Do you get a full set in a case?

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    Quote Originally Posted by UK Collector View Post
    I can't believe they are $19....but of course you have the Disney premium so I can believe it. They are brilliant though.

    Do you get a full set in a case?

    Haha I conned my friend to go on Friday and buy an entire case! Each case has 24 of these things in them... but only one mystery chase figure (Jungle Cruise). Which means it doubles up on something else. In this instance we had 1 extra Mad Tea Cup.

    But I also bought 9 more in addition to the case so now I actually have enough to make a full train of People Movers and a teal colored tea-cup as well.

    Alright.... Disneyland. Or rather...Disney California Adventure.

    "Hero Up" is the hashtag they're pushing

    Oh but wait... Splitsville is being built at Downtown Disney.. what do you guys think about the one in florida? Is it good? Fun? Do think the local audience in CA would be receptive to fancy bowling?

    Ok back to Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: BREAKOUT! Posters have been added to the Hollywood Land area - easter eggs really.

    Here's a nod to Hong Kong Disneyland's Iron Man Experience

    Hollywood Land

    Some pics from the opening night

    The Totally Awesome Dance-Off

    Random Hawkeye

    So regarding photos of Mission: Breakout, do you want me to spoil tag it? I wouldn't want some of you to have your experience ruined if you didn't want to have it ruined.

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