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    Default Beginning a Nightmare before Christmas collection

    I’m not quite sure if this belongs here or in the collections forum.

    The start of what will, I hope, prove an absorbing and enjoyable hobby – collecting ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’. I have all manner of questions and one of the hardest things to do is decide where to begin.

    My first purchase is the going to be three Jun Planning coffin-dolls, Jack, Sally and the limited edition Jack in his Sandy Claws outfit which a Facebook contact has kindly agreed to sell me.

    I shall put up photographs and impressions on their arrival.

    Otherwise, the sheer scale of the field is quite baffling – at least four series of articulated figures (NECA, Jun Planning (cloth, De Luxe or Active Label), Jun Planning (Action Figures), Diamond Select) alone, beautiful dolls, statues, memorabilia and many beautiful one-offs as well before we even get near direct film memorabilia.

    I think I shall start with the Jun Planning dolls – I am aware that there were Jack as the Pumpkin King and the Evil Scientist (Dr. Finklestein) to collect, but is there someone who has worked out how many there were made?

    I’m sorry for such simple questions, I shall of course also be searching myself.

    Any more general advice is welcome.
    ''...and I'm known throughout England and France''

    A British devotee of the uncanny, Burtoniana and the ''Nightmare Before Christmas''.

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    I am having a fun time collecting the Diamond Select stuff. the more expensive dolls aren't quite worth it in my opinion. But the 7" figures and PVC statues are very nice.

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    I have a full set of the 2004 NBX figures. The are beautiful and quite detailed, BUT very very fragile.

    I only display them at the holidays, but they bring joy to everyone who sees them. They cover a 6 foot fireplace mantle , 2-3 deep in places.

    Its a really difficult process to obtain them all at this point. But much of the fun for me is derived in the hunt.

    The Diamond Select figures, are more recent , and also quite good. But limited.

    Try to Enjoy the pursuit as much as the actual acquisition.

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    I second the recommendation for the Diamond Select figures. They're really nice. Currently in production so not hard to get, and now they're starting to get into the more obscure characters.

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    Thank you both, ever so much. I have not had access to the Internet for two weeks or so so my reply is a bit late. I'll have a good look at them tomorrow.
    ''...and I'm known throughout England and France''

    A British devotee of the uncanny, Burtoniana and the ''Nightmare Before Christmas''.

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