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    Default Ralph Breaks the Internet: Rock Candy Comfy Princess Vinyl Figures by Funko

    I know several girls and women who'll really love these.

    The Disney princesses are crashing Ralph and Vanellope's adventures. Mulan looks casual but daring in her jeans and jacket with a sworddraped casually over her shoulder. Moana's ready for an adventure in shorts and a shirt. Jasmine's got a magic lamp and she isn't afraid to use it. Belle's got her face in a book, as per usual. Ariel sings to her heart's content. And Rapunzel can't contain her long hair beneath a hoodie despite her best efforts. Tiana's taking a break from running Tiana's Palace for an adventure with Prince Naveen.

    Rock Candy is a series of stylized vinyl figures that stand around 5 inches tall. Each figure includes a removable base and is packed inside a window box making them perfect for display.

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    Moana's shirt

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    I've resisted getting any Rock Candy figures other than Brienne, Eowyn and Arya, but they're very appealing.

    I really like modern Mulan from this wave.

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