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    Default 1/6 Scale Pirate Captain Turner Figure by Warrior Toys

    im not sure if this has its own thread already just wanted to share a new figure up for pre order at onesixthoutfitters of Will Turner by a new company I havent heard off, looks like a cool piece to add to your POTC 1/6 collection

    heres the details
    Product Description:

    One (1) head sculptOne (1)*bodyFour*(4)*pieces of interchangeable handsOne (1)*overcoatOne (1)*jacketOne (1)*red shirtOne (1) beltOne (1)*straps for weaponsOne (1)*scarfOne (1)*pair of pantsOne (1)*pair of bootsOne (1)*sword*(including scabbard)One (1)*stand
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 1_1_d312f783-af6b-4bb1-871b-d8832f270b85_1024x1024.jpg   10_7ec0669e-969c-4d1b-83cf-1a84a9f21df8_1024x1024.jpg   12_f8e119ee-fa18-4430-a98a-251621a2174e_1024x1024.jpg   2_1_bdcdd660-e6c7-4d58-9d90-7838fa3a6025_1024x1024.jpg  

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    saw this a couple weeks ago on OSK. It's definitely a great looking figure of Turner in AWE. A couple of my complaints are the inaccurate buckles as well as the sword hilt, and no flintlock, necklace or Bootstrap knife. But I do love that everything else seems to be updated from the original HT figure

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    Has a forehead like Tyra Banks

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    Is this essentially a KO of the HT? It was too large IMO, and the accessories felt very cheap. I had it for about a week before turning right back around and selling. Headsculpt on this one looks a bit different though, so maybe it's not. Depending on price I may pick it up. Some company really needs to produce a nice Barbossa.

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