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    Default Hot Toys DX15 Jack Sparrow review

    I'm checking out the latest DX figures from Hot Toys - I wasn't sure I'd ever say that again, considering how long it's been since their last DX! The new Jack Sparrow DX15 from the film Dead Men Tell No Tales has been shipping for a couple weeks, but mine just finally got here a few days ago. And yes, he's as sweet as you expect any DX to be. You can find my review here:


    or with the rest of the reviews at the usual:


    Thanks for reading!


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    Nice review Michael, I agree with most everything. The one thing I would argue is the value category. $265 for this level of quality and all the stuff it comes with is the best deal for the money in at least a couple years in my opinion.
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    I can't argue with a perfect score 4 out of 4 on this figure.

    Maybe only Yondu will give this a ride for its money as Best Figure of the Year.

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    I purchase the DX06 for $220 CAN back when it was release. The DX 15 will cost me over twice that amount at $400+ CAN. Yes you can argue its a better figure but in the end aside from the head sculpt I donít believe the rest will blow me away since I have seen it all (DX06) IN 1/6 Scale. I am also not a fan of the base and prefer the DX06 wheel. In the end I have decided to only pick up the DX15 head and two face plates.

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