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    Default Hot Toys 1/6th Scale Belle from Beauty And The Beast

    Quote Originally Posted by KeatAlex View Post
    The Peasant dress is from the Disney Store Beauty and the Beast doll. The Celebration dress is from the Hasbro Beauty and the Beast doll. The Dresses are not fir for Hot Toys bodies nor can the Ballgown be removed to easily, these dresses were added on photoshop. The hair mod was also through photoshop.
    Thank you so much for letting me know these mods are not possible. Saved me from flushing money down the drain.

    I was seriously looking into buying 2 extra Hot Toys Belles - I was on BBTS last night and saw they were in stock.

    I prefer the animated film much better than the live action but I like Belle's various outfits, regardless of who is portraying the character - the peasant look is quite iconic.

    I wonder if Hot Toys will release a con exclusive variant with a new outfit in the future?

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    No problem lol. I wish it was possible. I bought a winter belle doll on clearance at target hoping to put that outfit on her but I can tell yeah it just won't work lol.
    I would be happy with a variant! I would order a peasant Belle if they made her. & a beast! Although I feel cheated as to the fact that they even made a Belle when Cinderella is my favorite. Sure a figure of that movie would have been borderline barbie, but hey, they did a Belle!

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    I wonder if hot toys will continue to do these types of figures , because I would Aladdin figure.

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    I think they will; especially with less Marvel stuff stuff to do in the future. They did the Winnie The Pooh figures, I'd expect an Aladdin.

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    It definitely would be great if they'd decide to make Alddin figures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LucyFer View Post
    It definitely would be great if they'd decide to make Alddin figures.
    I have a feeling if they were, we would have heard of it by now. They usually announce upon the movie release.

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