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    Default Re: Hot Toys Beauty and the Beast

    Quote Originally Posted by IndyMOS View Post
    That's actually a good point that they could've made her in her blue dress if they weren't doing Beast. It would definitely be weird that they only do Belle. But who knows yet.

    Beast could also come with the book as well.
    The blue dress is very plain, and simply not as eye popping or as iconic as the gold dress. I doubt it was ever a consideration to dress this figure in anything else, regardless of the Beast.

    I'm not at all trying to say HT won't do Beast. Given the company and its consumer base, I would think they would realize making Beast would be the best option - I'm just simply saying Belle sells by herself (as do the rest of the Disney princesses), and that dress is her standard marketed look across all kinds of merchandise, a lot of which doesn't even feature the Beast.
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    That's definitely true, the yellow dress is probably the more iconic look. Personally though I wish the designers had made the dress more fancy like in the animated movie. As is, it's a bit plain, but still nice. Even if there's no Beast at least she comes with all the main object characters to interact with in a display.

    At the moment my plan is to PO Belle when Beast is revealed. There's just so many figures currently up or about to go up for order at some point. I still really want her, so when I can plan my budget accordingly I'll go for it.

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    Maybe Belle came with the large amount of accessories because it makes a yellow gown figure of a woman more appealing for collectors with all the props. HT don't usually make this sort of stuff, so it could be a selling point for her. I know they did Maleficent, but she is all horned and witch like, a little more appealing sales wise than a pretty girl in a Barbie dress.

    Beast could be a better selling figure due to the nature of his look, it could appeal to a broader market so he may not need as many extras to sell.

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    I think that is true to some extent. I mean this is technically a 6 pack with the 5 accessory characters. That's pretty cool when you look at it like that. I think if Beast came with the enchanted mirror and book, wilted rose, and the dog footstool, he'd still fell pretty well rounded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kurisuchie2kimi View Post
    I hope they do Beast, and his princely human version too! Would love a Dan Stevens sculpt :
    Got to come back in here since I saw the movie and say I'm glad I'm not the only one! : I would love a celebration set every bit as much as a Belle & Beast set.

    Disney did a set as part of their designer doll line but it was so limited and expensive.

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