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    Default Tweeterhead: Live FB show Monday, July 15, 2019, Noon PST, 3 p.m. EST

    Please tune in if you can to get the latest updates and maybe a preview before Chad goes of to SDCC. Gonna be a busy next few months for Tweeterhead:

    Here are some questions updated (07/15/19) with answers that I was able to process and hear:

    I've moved the batch of question so far to this new thread after making a few adjustments to the formats so that some fit the question structure:


    mmk123 - Iíve recently moved and I did go on to the tweeter head website and change my billing and shipping address there however my orders are still reflecting my old address. I did send an email with my order numbers asked that they be shipped to my new address. I only did this today and I have not got a response yet but is there anything else that I need to do to guarantee that my orders are shipped to my new address?

    Chad - the website is still a work in progress. He thinks he got ahold of you and addressed this. Let me or him know if that is not the case

    No1WonderFan - When will the replacement Wonder Woman parts ship out? Didn't you say they were there to ship out the week of the 4/24 facebook video?

    Sandman585 - If you are considering a MOTU diorama please consider BattleCat and Panthor to go with the existing sideshow He-man and Skeletor.

    There is a diorama concept being tossed around but is just ideas if they move forward. It would be a slightly different he-man from the SS one.

    chrismhk - Just wondering, if Black Variant of Donna Troy is still happening. The concept photo looked amazing. I really hope you guys make it

    No. Not happening. Ship has sailed.

    nearmint - It would be cool if the schedule was kept up to date. Both Donna Troy and Catwoman were due in May, which obviously didn't happen. June, as well, seems unlikely.

    Appreciates this kind of feedback and it's a priority after SDCC

    MisterJ - Hi Chad. This is more of a suggestion but could you possibly remove any reference to estimated release except for the year and quarter? Maybe even add a plus 1 month on the schedule. I think it will lessen the amount of questions surrounding release dates. Thank you for always trying to keep us up to date.

    Appreciates this kind of feedback and it's a priority after SDCC

    jlaavenger - After Shazam how many more heroes will be solicited or placed for orders on this year? I'm actually trying to plan my budget. For now the only villain that I might buy is Darkseid

    I think the answer was two before October. Then he is unsure what will be after.

    mmk123 - Unfortunately the address I put to for shipping is my mothers address because the apartment I lived in before I could not get packages sent there but now Iím at a new place where there is a secured lobby and I am able to get packages sent to and they are fine if they sit there and not get picked up for a few hours.

    My question is will the website eventually be able to update all unshipped items if someone moves during the time of preorder to shipping?

    The website will be able to do that eventually once they figure it out.

    BurningRage - How many more pre-orders from the Super Powers line are planned for 2019?

    I think the answer was five. Three villains and two heroes

    AlexT -

    1. How will tariffs affect Super Powers line? The obvious is the pricing will change but is the vision unchanged... or lesser known/ obscure characters will get the axe?
    2. Whatís happening with the ďnew Batman lineĒ? Everything went quiet...
    3. Are the $15 rewards still in play?

    cjacobs83 - I'd like to know when we will see the Robin exclusive base. We have paid for the exclusive but have been in the dark with multiple promises every week for a reveal.

    Also hoping we can get an updated schedule for ship dates?

    Detective27 - If possible could you say the questions you are answering from facebook postings when you are doing the live feed? It removes confusion for those, like myself, who watch the video at a later time, knowing what is being referenced. Thank you.

    I can. Probably for future feeds.

    KaraFan - Is there a time frame in mind of when we will finally see the finished Wonder Twins Statues and when will they be up for Pre-Order?

    They are giving me trouble trying to get them just right. maybe end of year/2020.

    Dark Knight - What is the schedule for Flash and Aquaman?


    chrismhk - To add on to AlexT's third question, how can you use the reward points you have collected till now? Are they available to be used? Or do we have to wait for the website to implement the reward system?

    I would also like to know if the website is still in progress of being updated because I was hoping it will allow the users to see and use the rewards they collected and change the shipping address anytime without going through Chad.

    Once they figure out how to properly apply them on the website it will be done. There is a master list of who ordered what and who gets the reward, so don't worry it will get properly applied.

    Waga68 - Hello,

    1) Will we see a classic Aquaman stage in 2020?
    2) Any plans for a Lex Luthor statue or a Sinestro statue?

    yes to aquaman. Loves Lex Luthor and one is being worked on. Not sure on timeframe of sinestro

    BurningRage - Will there be any horror movie statues at SDCC?


    FJC - Are going to see Deathstroke put up for preorder this year?

    I didn't hear the answer to this

    chrismhk - When will we see nightwing, kidflash, raven, cyborg, and beast boy? I want to complete my Teen titans + Deathstroke line.

    Not immediately but soon the line will start to take shape

    Dark Knight - For the new extended universe line, what character variations are on the radar after Batman?

    if you see Jason Wires at SDCC you should ask him

    nbr3bagshotrow - Whatís the latest on the Addams family?

    Not happening. Licensing is all over the place

    jlaavenger - Will we see Zatanna at SDCC even if she doesn't go on sale till 2020? I'm dying to see her.

    Have to get back to her. She will not be at SDCC. He is loving the Perez version now though that he's had time to work on her.

    SludgesicleMan - Chad you've talked about Krypto several times, but I'm more of an Ace the Bathound fan. Any chance we can get Ace too?

    Have to take a vote on how many would like an Ace the Bathound

    AlexT - 4. Any chances of getting a teaser for what's going to be shown during SDCC?

    Acolyte - My question would be: If the Masters of the Universe statue licence gets renewed ... and if you do a Teela statue ... would you consider including an interchangeable head sculpt with her cobra armor? Thanks a lot for your time and patience with us nerdy MotU-freaks.

    Not sure of what he is able to do with the license if it moves forward.

    SludgesicleMan - When will the $15 dollar credits be added to our account?

    tmesser21 - Will more of the new Batman be shown, I know they teased gaslight batman

    George Clark - Any news on the Superman re-do?

    BurningRage - When will Batman and Donna Troy start shipping?

    Donna Troy - after he gets back from SDCC. Batman -two weeks after SDCC.

    Detective27 - Thinking of future characters DC Line of statues, which ones and where necessary do you think you would use gloss and/or metallic paints?

    Wherever the costume calls for it. He was surprised at the response between the gold and yellow on the Shazam, but thinks the gold looks amazing in person and everyone will love it once they see it.
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