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    Default Re: Kotobukiya: Batman Animated Series - Opening sequence - ARTFX+

    Quote Originally Posted by soundwave View Post
    Seems reasonably priced as well...under 100 here in the UK
    Whereabouts in the uk can you preorder this mate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweet Rabbit View Post
    I could do without the lightning
    The lightning is the whole point. I clearly remember he comes into view when it strikes...love it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guillalite View Post
    He looks kind of fat(with muscle) and short, Kotobukiya Joker had the same problem, he was like a dwarf. They should be leaner and taller. Eaglemoss(batman and Joker) or Dc Collectibles(Harley Quinn) got more accurate designs for this characters.

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    I love that someone finally made that intro scene to a statue but imo it's all wrong in the character design and that base looks cheap and bad.
    Son of a *****...you just ruined it for me. Thanx

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    I see your point about the Eaglemoss versions. Joker especially is right on

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    Quote Originally Posted by creasy View Post
    Whereabouts in the uk can you preorder this mate?

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    It's 94 at statuesqueltd.co.uk

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    Quote Originally Posted by HarleyQuinn2014 View Post
    Son of a *****...you just ruined it for me. Thanx
    Sorry is that I'm very demanding when it comes to animated series representations, I want them to look as close as posible to the Bruce Timm designs, that's why sideshow line or this koto one are a shame in my opinion because they have all the resources and they do it wrong, yet smaller companies and independent artists do it better.

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