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    Default Re: Arnie Kim new Reeve Superman?

    Quote Originally Posted by DurdenTyler View Post
    Rich guy here....looks like he got both
    Damn' Awesome.. but you would think if the Guy could afford both he would at least have a real Camera and better lighting.
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    Yeah i asked him....he said he was too excited and that it was done by an Iphone. Said a more better quality video with better quality will be coming. Wonder if he grabbed Indy.

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    The Reeve Superman is almost perfect, but one thing I gotta say is that the eyes are not properly positioned. His left eye is looking more to the left, while his right eye is looking dead centered. I've seen pics of that Superman, and thought, maybe it was just the pictures, but seeing the video now, the eyes are still to my opinion, not looking at the same direction.

    Other than that, it looks amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shoo View Post
    Arnie's new own project...

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    Wow! That is impressive!

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    Now that is how u make head sculpt

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