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    Default Eaglemoss Batmobile collection

    I've just been browsing ebay and come across a couple of auctions for Batmobiles from an Eaglemoss Model and magazine collection . Is this new , current or well gone ? I don't remember it ever being advertised and the Eaglemoss site has the date as 2011 ! Have I missed it ? Does anyone know anything about it ?
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    Looks like it was test marketed last April,and nothing since then.perhaps they are getting ready to roll it out this summer on the back of the dark knight rises.hope so anyway!

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    Actually, no the whole line nicknamed automobilia ( i believe) was discontinued. They were gonna make 10, but only made five. Here is a link to the source.


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    Eaglemoss figures are solid. I have owned a few in the past. The batmobiles were going for huge money a little while ago. This is a sweet little release if your okay with the scale.

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    Looks like Hot Wheels are releasing more Elite and standard grade Batmobiles and some come with extras, the proper standard 89 Batmobile 1:18 scale was reissued again and it is available now...


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    This is good news , I missed out on the '89 Batmobile ( and I wasn't prepared to pay the silly ebay prices) and it's the one that fills the gap in my collection !
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    Hot Wheels have got a lot of Batmbiles being released next year i have seen some pre-order sheets.There doing 1/18 Batman Forever and re-doing 60s Batmobile with figures.They will also do Bruce's Lamborghini and a camo Tumbler.

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    This is being released!!

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