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View Poll Results: Who would win in a fight?

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  • Superman

    86 64.66%
  • The Hulk

    38 28.57%
  • Draw

    9 6.77%
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    Default Superman vs Hulk

    Putting in the DC sandbox cuz Supes has top billing and we all know he'd win anyway.
    This guy did a pretty good job:
    "Peace through superior firepower."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spartan Rex View Post
    Supes has top billing and we all know he'd win anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark_Spidey View Post
    Hulk is the strongest there is. Period.

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    Super Freak
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    May 2011
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    Pretty cool. I wanna see part 3.
    Mr.Jefferson,build up that wall.

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    Freaked Out!
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    Nov 2011
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    The guy that made those clips is awesome. Can't wait to see more. He has top make other super heroes fighting each other as well. Maybe Batman vs Captain America. :P

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    Superman would be vastly more agile and just as strong as the Hulk.

    Superman throws Hulk into the sun.

    Superman wins.

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    Sun > Hulk ?

    I don't buy it.

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    Sun = battery for Superman. Hulk stands no chance in it. Hulk would wish he was Banner to avoid the rapage.

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