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    Default Re: Kim Basinger/Tracey Walter heads by WGP?

    Is this project still ongoing? If so, I'd be interested in a 1/6 Kim Basinger head.

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    The Burton films are among our favorite films, so it's ironic this project keeps getting unintentionally pushed back. The good news is it keeps getting pushed back because of our being commissioned for things like a full Batman Returns Keaton Batman. There two heads will be happening this year. Just can't say when yet.
    Our lead sculptor Sean has just gotten his HT Batmobile, so he is going crazy wanting to do them (laugh).

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    I'd take a Vicki.

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    I got thinking, If the clothes for Vicki is the ball dress she wore, I'd be interested in that too.

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    This would just be for a Vikki head.

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    Interested about Vicky!!

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    Now that there are 16 interested in the Vicki head, will it be produced?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GBglide View Post
    Now that there are 16 interested in the Vicki head, will it be produced?
    Like I said a few posts above, she will be happening this year. We just can't say when yet because we are so busy with customer personal commissions
    (Kryten from Red Dwarf, Batman from BM Returns, Padme, Undertaker, Ron Swanson, and others!).

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    That's cool, I'm patient.

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    Still being patient... Seriously, please tell me this hasn't been canceled.

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