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Thread: shazam kit bash

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    Default shazam kit bash

    messing around with mattel's movie shazam light and sound movie figure ,combined it with a hot toys bane clone body and a hands ,a red suit ,bit of paint and a lot of dremeling to come up with this :smile:

    the disassembly and hollowing out is pretty time consuming ,but ultimately rewarding ,got a tru moves version im working on now ,now thats a lot of work :yes:

    some slightly better pictures

    just need to sew up the back of the suit and hes done

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    Great job (as always). Your Captain Mar, oops, err... Shazam looks fantastic
    Looking forward to the Hot Toys version.

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    cheers alan ,well i finished them off

    swapped out the suit for a slightly darker and tighter fitting suit on the light and sound version
    and finished of the tru moves version ,used a different body type due to the size of the ebay bought suit ,couple of pictures with 70s tv version of shazam

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    Great work!!!! Would you be willing to share a break down of what you used...like where did you find that belt?

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    That turned out fantastic! Bravo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dadvader View Post
    Great work!!!! Would you be willing to share a break down of what you used...like where did you find that belt?
    sure no worries
    movie shazams everything is pretty much from the mattel figures

    chest emblems

    ebay body suits

    the light and sound figures cuffs and boots are cast separate but are still tricky to remove and still need a fair bit of dremeling , the true moves are a lot more work as you have to shape the boot tops as well as hollow them out

    added wrists and hands to the light and sound version ,but left stock hand on the true moves

    belts both separate at the sides ,heat up and gently locate split seam and use a thin flat head screwdriver to pry them apart and off ,id remove the back first so any damage will not show so much

    will need dremeling flat to fit a figure ,that's about it ,other than cut a cape ,

    the tv shazam ,generic head that came with hot toys nude bodies with the hair resculpted ,belt is a strip off a door fly curtain lol red suit ,adam west boot with added tops on a wolverine clone body
    done ,
    a bit dremel intensive but worth a shot i think

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