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    Default Silly newbie question: how does one order custom head sculpts, capes, etc.?

    How does one go about 1) viewing what is available to order from Jaxon Xu, Unreal Customs, and Tony Mei? And 2) ordering same?

    I see Facebook pages for these artists with posts showcasing the work they do, but I'm confused about how to order something from them.

    Here are my specific interests, FYI, if anyone is interested or cares to comment:

    Talking about Hot Toys 1/6 figures. I have Justice League Wonder Woman Deluxe and JL Superman is on preorder. I'm also probably going to get the JL tactical suit Batman.

    Both Jaxon and Unreal have said they will definitely make custom wired capes for JL Superman once they have the figure in hand to color match. So for that I'll have to wait until after the figure is released.

    I've seen a video (Dean Knight?) affixing a custom wired cape to JL tactical suit Batman by either Jaxon or Unreal, I forget which. But it looks utterly amazing. I'll probably get that eventually.

    I want a more accurate head sculpt for Wonder Woman, and it looks like Unreal has a couple of really impressive ones already. The stock Hot Toys head sculpt for JL WW is to my eye kind of doll-like, and the nose is too pointy. It looks like Wonder Woman as an icon, but Gal Gadot not so much. Costume and gear are superb, however.

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    If my memory is good, a custom sculpt, it's really expensive, between 600 and 700 € for a sculpt with a waiting of sometimes 1 year. That's what I saw when I searched to find an artist to make a custom sculpt for me.

    I don't know how to order, I think the best thing to do, would probably be to buy a 3D sculpt, set up it for 3D printing, and ask a painter to paint it. It will be probably less expensive.

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