Heya, I'm a newbie to Hot Toys collecting with a question about whether there's any difference in quality between Jaxon Xu's and Unreal Customs' work. (Both of which look sensational best I can see at a glance.)

I want to order a custom wired cape for Hot Toys' Justice League Superman. Jaxon just confirmed on FB that he will making such a cape specifically for JL Supes. Still awaiting a response from Unreal about that question, but I would guess that the answer will be yes given that the colors for that figure are significantly warmer and brighter than for BvS and MoS.

If there's no significant difference in quality I'll go with price, I guess.

I've watched these two videos for a BvS Superman cape: https://youtu.be/AH4p-K8B53g and https://youtu.be/b19XgLTGnKE. A wired cape is now must-have, lol!