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Thread: 90s tv flash

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    Default 90s tv flash

    wanted to try this for a while ,and gave in

    seamless Arnold type body ,clasic plastik boot id had for years ,and a knock off rock head sculpt ,just cause i thought it had the right sort of look ,it was bald ,and im lazy
    first tried staining it with red ink for base color ,not bad but washed right off


    so i tried red powder paint ,brushed on dry ,much like rubbing in pastels as seen on youtube , too pink

    so i mixed it with black dry powder paint , too brown

    so covered it in dry black ,looked good ,velvety and color fast when all rubbed in and excess blown off

    but wrong color

    so having a solid black base color with a smooth non cracking non painted surface i went with a thin red wet poster paint dry brushed over the black ,
    looks okay but will crack if pose around a lot ,but it works for me as is

    i think if you could find the powder paint in a darker color or darken it ,you'd be on to a winner ,as when applied dry it seems that it stains the surface rather than coats it so eliminates cracking

    some craft foam, 2 watch batteries and a bit of twisty tie and gold paint and im calling him done

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    wings made from watch batteries and twisty ties
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    That is absolutely awesome!
    Why Superman rocks! ...

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    "Let me have a diablo sandwich, a Dr. Pepper, and make it fast. I'm in a god damn hurry."

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    Amazing work, congrats.

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    That looks great. These are ones I have in my collection for the 90's Flash
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0320.jpg 
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    Nice work, Libby.

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    thanks for the kind words and encouragement guys ,this has pushed me on to try and improve the head sculpt ,that i thought was lacking

    heres where im at ,
    bought a flash head sculpt from a fellow member and decided to try to add new face and eyes to better resemble Wesley ship

    ill leave it up to you to decide how successful i was :smiley1:

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    separate face and mask combo ,

    here he is with the rest of the tv gang ive moved him in with :smile:

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