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    Default Re: Hot Toy DX08 - BATMAN - The Joker (Jack Nicholson) - Specs & Pics

    Quote Originally Posted by S. Griffin View Post
    My understanding is that's the official box art for Round 2's upcoming rerelease of the GCPD/Joker Goon Car with a resin Joker under the MPC brand. What I believe, is that their resin Joker figure, which likely doesn't have Jack Nicholson's likeness due to $$, was not finished so some putz grabbed a pic of the Hot Toys figure, shopped it in badly, and redid the face, because they don't have the rights to Jack's face; they also probably hope that nobody at Hot Toys would notice and that the 40-70 years old male demographic of model car builders that they primarily cater to, won't recognize the Joker on the box.
    Thanks, makes sense!

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    Quote Originally Posted by parrasmaniac View Post
    so I finally can try to pose the Joker as seen in the iconic museum scene... I received the custom head, once painted.

    Here I leave two quick photos, but I feel this head (and the different tie) was something Hot Toys should have done!!

    Attachment 407444

    Attachment 407445
    wow !!! never seen it before ! very impressive, "i don't know if it's art but i like it!" PLEASE tell us more about that custom sculpt and paint !!!
    i love so much that dx08 joker that i already have 3 version of it, but i 'm ready to go for four with this custom sculpt ... very iconic !!!!

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    Hi! thanks for the nice words. This head, in hand, is really astonishing.

    The sculpt was made by caine, you can find him on Instagram: @caine_productions

    Paint and retouches to the head were made by @carlos.j.g._art

    The beret and the tie were the first thing I got via these forums, years ago.... I cannot tell you were they come from. I believe the user is not active anymore...

    All in all, it took me some time, but I found an alternative sculpt that I love for the DX08. I love the three Joker sculpts I got: mime Joker, DX08, and this alternative look for the DX08 standard head.

    A more recent pic:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	33337107_239698789942123_1376787565285212160_n.jpg 
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    Ok thank you for your infos. Very nice. I agree with you hot toys should have done that version!!! That custom "boo" laugh sculpt is great.

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    I hope someone does a bob , what paint do your eyes do you?

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    Hey gang! Iím piecing together a joker, anyone know where to find some parts online? Thanks!

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