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    Default Re: And more pics...

    Quote Originally Posted by Spanbauer View Post
    And some more:

    - Very nice photo mate (natural lighting!)!

    - reviews, photos and videos of my collection -

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    Thanks fellas! He's damn fun to photograph.

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    I finally opened my figure and he looks great! Everything you guys have photographed captured the figure perfectly.

    One thing, my figures right arm is not as tight as I'd like it. Do you guys a good way to tighten HTs elbow joints. I can get to it by sliding and rolling up the sleeve.

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    Nice use of light, MaulFan.

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    Wow -- great pics from spanbauer and maulfan!

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    Excellent pics guys!!

    I think the pose for me - when I get mine next week, will be the 'fists clenched, ready for a fight' look.

    The alley scene in the film is one of the highlights for me.

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    Love those shots! Only two more days to go and I will have mine.

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    When my JOKER arrives (last FLEX today) hopefully this time next week, this....

    ...is the pose I'd love to try and get to. Don't know if it's possible with BATTY's arm-thickness and such, but it would be great to try it.

    THE WAITING IS DRIVING ME MAD!!! And I didn't have too far to go
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    i would love to see that pose. those 2 are just...classic. wish i could go back to 1989, back when the batman films were new and AWSOME.

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