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    Default Re: Hot Toys Wonder Woman exclusive

    Why not just make a Lynda Carter version to go with the Reeve Superman and West Batman??

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    So what did they do ? Merge Linda Carter and Gal Gadot to create one head sculpt to serve two figures ?

    So that's why the HS looks off for Gal !

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    I have Justice League WW for sale at 285 shipped, message me! And ofcourse I will have this Exclusive version too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jodl73 View Post
    Why not just make a Lynda Carter version to go with the Reeve Superman and West Batman??
    Exactly. Well, I know why they didn't - cheaper for them to do this. But I thought I remembered Howard saying he was a fan of Lynda Carter Wonder Woman and would like to make a figure one day...

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    Passing on all the rest of the Justice League figures and statue. Batman was only one worth it. Crap Movie with face sculpts.

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    That sculpt is tragic, who is it meant to be?

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    I love the bright colours, but that (awful) head sculpt just doesn't work with it at all

    Looks like my collection will continue to be without a Wonder Woman figure for the foreseeable future.

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    I seem to be missing something. What's wrong with the HS?

    I honestly think this looks awesome! Though I'd prefer a Lynda Carter, it's a bit obvious they don't plan on doing one anytime soon if they're giving us this

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    Even though I will probably not be getting this, I think this release bodes well for us getting a new headsculpt sooner rather than later. My logic is that this Comic Concept Version will be the fourth time using this sculpt (Training Armor, 2 versions of Justice League & this Exclusive Concept Version). I think they will have got their “money’s worth” out of this one sculpt and hearing fan “feedback” they might be inclined to not throw it back at us for a fifth or sixth round especially if customs turn out better. I, myself, like this headsculpt as Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and not just judging it as an everyday Gal Gadot sculpt. However, even with a great Chris Evans headsculpt, I do find myself wanting more of a change than the direction of the pupils.

    Anyways, power to the people who will purchase and enjoy this particular Comic Concept Version. Can’t wait to see what else is in store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverStar17 View Post
    BvS, TA, and JL are enough WWomen for me.

    Not to mention I also don’t buy concept art stuff, being that it never appeared in any film. I only get film renditions of figures so that way it represents the character as they actually appeared in the film, not an idealized version.
    Yup same here. I might have been interested if they created a whole new comic book-style outfit for her, but a lazy and uninspired repaint of the existing outfit just does nothing for me.

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