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    Default Re: Joker 1/6 Black Toys

    Quote Originally Posted by --Nightwing-- View Post
    I was able to P.O. the Joker with coat, hope the paint and the headsculpt would be as good as the Bank robber version
    Where did you pre-order it?

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    made the PO last November 2018
    try to contact them-

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    Quote Originally Posted by hexad_2808 View Post
    The bank robber just got released. In hand pics from China forums

    Mind linking to the site you found those pics at? Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baconharvester View Post
    Mind linking to the site you found those pics at? Thanks.

    Personally I really like the blogger pics from Facebook below

    Some more pics from HK forum

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    I don't need another Heath Joker, but that's a killer looking Joker. Don't dig the hairline, but for mass produced that's a good job. The hair with a little shading in spot could look great.
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    Yeah, Iím always a little suspicious of how third party stuff will turn out. Some third party figures turn out great, but itís not always very consistent when it comes to that stuff. But that Bank Robber Joker looks killer. If the regular Joker turns out that good, it ought to be fantastic!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthAlias View Post
    I have to agree on this. While I have two DX11ís I wouldnít pay $300 for a bootleg. It looks good but thatís because itís a stolen and recasted sculpt. If HT releases another Joker, they know how much people are willing to pay now lol.
    This is a great price for a "stolen" sculpt. It would cost even more if you bought the sculpt from the person who did it and then paid someone to paint it amd haired it. Better than Hot Toys.

    I find it laughable that people complain about "stolen" sculpts since I doubt the person who sculpted it has permission or holds the license for using someone's likeness and make money off it to begin with.

    I preordered this at Toyorigin if anyone is interested. The way the Robber Joker turned made it easy to pull the trigger.


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    Thought this was a new Hot Toys version. I was like EHHHHH WTF, this is horrendous.

    For a third party it's okay I guess.

    Just looks very soulless.

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