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    Default Re: Black Box GOTHAM The Riddler 1/6 Figure

    Got my invoice from TNS, with a note saying it will be in stock next week.

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    Can't stand the show, but I feel this face/outfit isn't so uniquely tied to "Gotham" the way Penguin and Jerome/"Joker" is - so he'd make a potential good Riddler stand-in next to my Nolan figures.

    Looking forward to seeing your pics of him in-hand - it's possible I'll grab him if he looks good in person!
    Wanted: Stock Exchange Outfit Kit for Bane (1/6 PIRP "Big Boy" set). PM me if you've got an extra one for sale!

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    Received mine today from Giantoy. On my way to work so just took a couple quick pics. Looks decent so far. Not sure how much of a pain the gloves are going to be to put on. Ankle joints seem a little loose so it's probably going to need a stand.

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    Definitely needs some futzing, but that hat was big from the start.
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