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    Default Re: Hot Toys - Aquaman - Aquaman

    Quote Originally Posted by TauroAldebaran View Post
    This would stand out great and not blend in among the rest of my figures. Hopefully the Justice league version sells well enough so they go ahead and make this.

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    I hope HT have more up to show than what we have seen so far DC wise. Really underwhelming. Hopefully holding something good back for tomorrow. Catwoman, Romero Joker, Lynda Carter WW.

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    yeah this was it for DCEU???????????????? ho hum

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    Seriously, DC section is just a sad place now. Really hope thereís more coming next few days than this underwhelming figure and a meh Batgirl.

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    Still praying for a Mera...

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    Iím so disappointed.. is the same that we have seen all ready ... there is nothing new .. hot toys havenít done nothing special for dc .. movies everything and everyone .. even a non important figure form Marvel are made ..

    The same Wonder Woman figures .. same Batmanís begin ..figure .. same head for aquaman ..

    WB and DC comics should remove the license form hot toys .. the surely donít put any effort in the dc universe figures

    What a crappy aquaman...

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    Don't care for this version of AM.....JL version so much better.
    I'm hopeful we might see more in the next couple days but if this is it(hard to believe) they are nuts- look how many of the JL figures have sold out through retailers and look at the prices of the BvS and older stuff...

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    Prefer the JL look myself.

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    Tony Mei commented that he looks like corn and I canít unsee it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverStar17 View Post
    Prefer the JL look myself.
    Ditto. Thought we'd get a bare-chested, tattooed version for his solo movie.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tortfeazor View Post
    Tony Mei commented that he looks like corn and I canít unsee it.
    Same here. Especially with those green gauntlets - his forearms look like ears of corn that have their husks partially peeled away.

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