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    Default Hot Toys Justice League Aquaman

    Pre-Order NOW - click the link!
    Hot Toys Justice League Aquaman!


    Hot Toys today released Aquaman from the feature film The Justice League.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Will get the Flash.

    Cyborg, ehhhh...

    Skip fishboy, his individual movie suit looks to be classic based.

    Hope we see WW figure from her flick with cloak.

    Superman, no black suit.......

    Meh both bats.
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    Really looking forward this figure. I dig his suit (although he is not dressed like Bat) and main question is if hair will be sculpted or will he look like Ken for WW Barbie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EVILFACE View Post
    Skip fishboy, his individual movie suit looks to be classic based.
    Are there any pictures of him in his individual movie suit?

    I think his JL armor looks ok. I liked the look he had in BvS more with just some light armor pieces and bare chest. If they make a version where he has his human clothes (in the trailer when Bruce goes to talk to him) I'd probably go for that one.

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    But we also have to then hope Hot Toys makes that suit as well. They did skip the solo WW figure.

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    I could be down for this guy. I let coolness factor guide me as im not hard core.

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    I really hope he has a smirk and not a stoic expression.
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    Not my pic and no head Sculpt yet.

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    Sucks they don't have a sculpt. You guys think they'll add it in the next few days?

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