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Do we really think they could do these at $50 bucks? With Figurarts and others going for like $60-$70 bucks, these seem maybe slightly over priced. I'd like to see them around where they were $65-$70. I think $80 bucks is OK for an exclusive but it's almost the norm now.

I don't think those are knock offs. They are just too detailed right down to the Mezco baggie. I think it's more likely that those are factory rejects. Or maybe there's been some dispute with their factory, hence the really late releases, and maybe Mezco switched factory's and now the old factory is selling off rejected stock/ unpaid for stock
I think its a possibility that whichever company Mezco hired to produce these items had other factories and produced them on the side. The detail and exactness of the knock-offs are too close for any other explanation. Maybe that also explains the delay in some of Mezco's products, perhaps they were forced to look for other manufacturers.