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    Default Re: DC Collectibles doing Batman The Animated Series figures!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by sfa View Post
    I highly doubt they’d make a Clayface expressions pack. He was basically his own mini expressions pack anyway.

    In fact, I highly doubt they’ll make anything else for this line now. After the new wave comes out this year I reckon they’ll be done with it. But I’d LOVE to be wrong.
    I’ll be honest: I was kind of thinking this, as well, but, lately, I’m actually wondering what Toy Fair will look like for DC Collectibles, in general, or, even, what DC Collectibles will be looking like. DC’s been restructuring and laying a lot of people off and merging departments and the like. The Collected Editions department, for instance, has been impacted and, in its wake, I’ve been seeing a lot of cancellations for different products, but this bit, in particular, stood out to me regarding the future of DC Collectibles.

    Today has been a challenging day. We have made organizational changes across DC that we believe will help to strengthen and evolve the division for future success. With these changes come difficult decisions which we take very seriously.

    We recognize and appreciate that all of our employees have made considerable contributions to our business and that it is difficult to lose colleagues, many of whom have been here for a long time and have made an important impact on DC. We thank them for their hard work and dedication to DC. As always, we are committed to taking care of our employees and will be as thoughtful as possible with those who are impacted by these changes.

    Together with Dan and Jim, and the executive team, we have spent time assessing DC’s business, as well as the comic book publishing landscape. DC is going back to its roots of delivering epic stories with our world-class characters, stories and brands. Being a premier house of storytelling will never go out of style and we intend to ultimately super-serve our existing fans, while providing new compelling content that engages and excites even more fans around the globe. Rest assured, the direct market will remain at the heart of our business – and will continue to be one of our greatest strengths.

    The new streamlined structure is focused on creating, delivering and supporting a robust publishing operation that will allow DC to be nimble, navigate an industry in change, and thrive. As we communicated today, we are forming three distinct work streams – Editorial, Production & Manufacturing, and Publishing Support Services.

    Editorial will continue to be run by Bob Harras, SVP & Editor-In-Chief, who will now also be responsible for new initiatives and global publishing, editorial scheduling, and art direction Production & Manufacturing will continue to be run by Alison Gill, SVP Manufacturing & Operations Publishing Support Services is a new business unit consisting of all departments that support the sales, marketing and promotion of our books, and this will be run by Hank Kanalz who is taking on additional responsibilities as SVP Publishing Strategy & Support Services As a result – DC Collectibles and its team will be part of the Consumer Products Toy team moving forward.

    We recognize there are other groups across DC who are not fully dedicated to supporting the publishing business and, therefore, are not directly addressed in today’s news. As The Global Brands & Experiences structure continues to develop, I look forward to sharing more with you as that evolves.

    Many of you will have questions and in the coming days you will receive more information from Bob, Alison and Hank about their teams. Together with Dan and Jim, I will be hosting Town Hall meetings Thursday on the individual floors to discuss these changes and provide more insight.

    Thank you again for your support, hard work and loyalty to DC. Each of you are incredibly valued and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow afternoon where I will do my best to answer any questions.” – Pam

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    So we know that McFarlane is taking over the collector figures liscence now, but what does that mean for DCC? Well, here’s a quote from McFarlane himself:

    “In addition to stepping in for Mattel, McFarlane Toys will also focus on the market previously covered by DC Collectibles (which was recently folded into WB's Consumer Products Divison as part of a larger corporate restructuring). That means fans can expect high-end collectibles like statues and busts from McFarlane along with traditional action figures. McFarlane told us, "With DC Collectibles taking a step back, there’ll be a void there, and they want me to sort of step up and take some of that momentum on myself."
    So I guess that’s it. Unless McFarlane continues the Animated Series line, it’s officially done.

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    Yup. Just hoping the final wave comes out.

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    I do believe that what’s been last announced will be released this year and that’s it for DC Collectibles.

    From then, we will have to see what McFarlane does. He did, however, say DC Comics wants him to take the momentum, so that gives me hope.
    I wouldn’t say the Animated Line can’t be saved.

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    It would be incredible if they will not release the final wave. It would remain an incomplete collection

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    I do hope DC Collectibles gets to continue working on the Timm-verse lines, but if not, McFarlane better continue working it that exact same scale.

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    This is wildly optimistic here, but is there a possibility that McFarlane designed the articulation in the final wave that DCC has solicited? They're just so very different...

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    So I think we will never see a GCPD set reissue. BTW Just few weeks ago I read that DC Collectibles was in Hasbro. Now McFarlane?

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    I think the BTAS and TNBA stuff was pretty much done anyways following the release of the Two-Face and Scarecrow wave. I just think the number of profitable options left character-wise is very small. I still think TNBA Penguin (because he’s the Penguin) is the most realistic option left. Maybe either version of Bruce Wayne too. I can’t even imagine what one more wave would look like. TNBA Penguin/Bruce/Batwoman/Ventriloquist/Mad Hatter ??? I think TNBA Clayface would probably depend a lot on how well the previous version sold. He would also likely be the most expensive to produce. It will be interesting to see though if DCC tries to crank out a run or two of previously released figures maybe in some sort of budget packaging with less accessories to get a few more dollars out of the molds. Then again maybe DCC will still be able to continue to produce figures under the deal as well.

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